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10/17/2016 c49 pt1oef
Things become better and better.
10/17/2016 c44 pt1oef
Glad that bloody ending didn't happen.
10/16/2016 c35 pt1oef
This is heart warming.
10/15/2016 c16 pt1oef
Great revelation,
10/15/2016 c13 pt1oef
Great. Light side started.
10/15/2016 c7 pt1oef
This is so fantastic. So lovely...
10/15/2016 c6 pt1oef
This Vader is so cool.
10/15/2016 c5 pt1oef
This is great!
10/15/2016 c4 pt1oef
This is so heart warming.
10/15/2016 c3 pt1oef
This is what I think. Good. Good.
10/15/2016 c2 pt1oef
This is so exciting!
10/15/2016 c1 pt1oef
Good, so good...
9/5/2016 c62 Starwarsfashioni
Great story! It was good writing, and while it was somewhat wishful thinking, I still believed what happened was possible! I would recommend this to anyone who loves Padme, Anakin, and the prequals in general!
9/6/2016 c40 2ladyhopeless11
I just have to say, I am your BIGGEST fan! I love your stories!
8/16/2016 c62 AnakinandPadme
That. Was. BEAUTIFUL! I actually teared up several times!
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