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for Night of Messed up Frights

11/28/2007 c1 171Axletia Rosonetis
That was funny when Giovanni got hit by those Machokes, and when he got pushed to hell by the real Death. It was a really funny story.
10/23/2007 c1 1crash. a f t e r g l o w
Funny stuff. =]

""We were blown up, had all the candy we stole through the ENTIRE night burnt to a crisp, attacked by the actual Death, and now you've teleported us TO ONE OF THE COLDEST FRIGGIN' PLACES ON EARTH!"

Mewtwo and ate a handful of popcorn he obtained somehow. "Too much Austin Powers.""
11/12/2006 c1 6Captain Wolf
Hilarious, especially Mewtwo and Lugia! Man this is good. Yay trick or treating! I'm going to keep doing that until they make a legal age where you have to stop, and then I'll steal all my little sister's candy!


me- look! It's the Little Mermaid!

Little Sis- *turns to look*

me- *grabs Milky Way bar*

*repeat process until all chocolate is taken*

Yeah, I'm so cruel...
11/11/2006 c1 64Ri2
Heheheheh...that was hilarious.

How'd Giovanni recruit Death, anyway?

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