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7/10/2007 c4 6Seer of Terana
Yoshi! That was so good! Yes, continue the Dark story please, Oh Great Authoress!
7/7/2007 c4 7catgrl106
Nice! I liked the fact that there are two endings! It's a very unique touch. Great story!
6/18/2007 c3 8ShinigamixGirl
O_O Omg. was pretty interesting. :/ Im not much for the sex scene but it was still pretty interesting...the plot. I hope you write aa sequeal to this story though. It was very interesting ending...I kinda always wondered what would Hisoka do if Tsuzuki hurt him..."
6/5/2007 c4 10Fen-crya
In my opinion, I think...-is embarrassed- Do I have to? -shys away from-



Ok, I will. Only because I am the way I am, I was wanting you to draw out the more...perverted scenes more.「変体ないの!」

Only because it catches my attention more. I felt like the story was a little rushed. But I loved it none the less.-blunt-「はいはい!」

And I hope Hisoka comes back and continues to love Tsuzuki because...HE KNOWS HE DOES. I think you did write this well in spite of my terrible review. -blink blink-




5/31/2007 c4 7laustic
Honestly, how on earth did I miss this fic? This was a great read and I find myself wanting more of this! I loved how you had two different endings for this fic but I love to read more. You did a great job in writing Tsuzuki's and Hisoka's characterizations. I'm also putting this one on my favorites list.
11/12/2006 c3 yaoi-hunter
ehehe vey nice! both of them are good but my perverted mind says that the 'dark' one is its favorite^^ I LOVE it when tsuzuki is aggresive and not the loveable guy he always is...the only thing i didn't like was when hisoka said that he wasn't ready and blah blah blah and if tsuzuki wouldn't stop then he would leave... bad thing to say! hisoka sall never leave tsuzuki! no matther what!
11/12/2006 c4 AnimeAngelRin
all i needed was to see the line "tsuzuki was left alone" to know NOT to read dark. but i loved light! i think that you should be brutally murdered for writing dark, tho, but thats only the opinion of a crazed TsuSoka worshipper. *shudders* light had be so happy and it only took the one line of dark to bring me down... i gotta go read somethin happy...

11/12/2006 c2 AnimeAngelRin
aw! that was so adorable! i may read dark anyway, but i better check if it ends happy first... probably wont, cuz its called dark, but ya never know... but that was so sweet! *fangirl dance*

11/11/2006 c2 90Sueona
This chapter was sweet. I read the second chapter and it was so sad. I cried. *Really I did* I think there should be an answer at the end of the second chapter rather Hisoka goes back to Tsuzuki or leaves him for good. Well, your the writer. I love how you wrote both chapters. Your are a great writer, keep up the work.

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