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10/2/2008 c8 33Taijiya Mizu
Yeah, a year since you finished, and I'm just now getting to it...! Gawd this is pathetic! (whimpers) Oh, well!

Great fic. Loved it. I even started to really like Yuudai! He was so cute! And Yuu, too! Funny how both their names start with y u and u! XP Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed the fic! You're completely awesome!

Ok, I'll stop now, but one more word: SUGOI!

Ja Ne
8/24/2008 c8 the-bunnys-echo
Great Story! I loved it all.
8/28/2007 c8 7laustic
That was a great last chapter! Yeah, it's sad that Yuudai died, but at least Hisoka and Tsuzuki are now together. I loved reading every bit of this fic so thanks for sharing this. I'm looking forward to seeing your next fic.
8/28/2007 c8 13Kaouri18
OMG! I can't believe it's done. I loved this story and find it sad that it's come to an end but every story does. Incredble job!
8/27/2007 c8 18Sasskitten
Leki: Great story! *Huggles.* I think for an epilogue I will imagine Yuu growing up nicely and dating either Saya or Yuma.

Dane: This was a very sweet story and I don't think you made Hisoka to weak. After all he has always looked just a little under the weather since he had a long torturing death for three years.

You know I like to think that Yuu would turn out fine. Maybe he can help Watari perfect some of his experiments. Oh and i think I heard somewhere that it isn't where a child came from that determins how he/she will act but how he/she is raised. Great chapter.

I really hope you will like my Yami no Matsuei stories The Dream Weaver and BEyond Innocence. And this took you a long time to finish. Really great job though.
7/9/2007 c7 22TurboFerret
Whee another chap
7/8/2007 c7 12asian9090
sweet when the next chappie coming
7/7/2007 c7 4Chrono21
Me: W00T W00T! New chappy! Maybe I'm going a bit overboard, but I love this story and your writing style is SO refreshing. Also, no prob. Like I said, just wanted to remind you that the guys here are rootin' for ya. You're profile doesn't really say if you're having problems or anything, so I figured a pm would be the most direct way to find out. But on to the actual review.

First thought: I like Yuu. I have no idea why. And I can really see why Hisoka would be attached and protective of him. And surprisingly, I didn't think that this chapter was weird at all. For once, I actually understood most things. And I really can't wait for Tsuzuki to come back, the long-awaited answer to every Tsusoka fan's dreams, and the escape from Hell. Squee!

Muse: -glaring at me- So I finally get to talk now that she's on a fan-girl hyper-rush? That's real nice. But I liked this chapter too. Being the more critical of the two-instead of the obsessed fangirl over there- I did notice a few spelling errors. Plus I can't shake the feeling that Yami is hiding something.

But other than that, the chapter was really awesome, and you're building up the suspense leading to the climax quite nicely. Now if Chrono over there doesn't die of fangirl shock before then, then I'm pretty sure the next chapter will be one to look forward to. Welcome back. -sips coffee-

Me: BRING ON THE CLIMAX! *victory sign*
7/7/2007 c7 13Kaouri18
I am so glad that you finally updated. I have been waiting forever for this! But yea! none the less. I thought think chapter was incredible. Just everything... I'm not sure what to point out since I loved it all! Great chapter. Please update soon!
7/7/2007 c7 19Mizuki hikari
continue ^.^ can you describe how yuu looks like?
7/7/2007 c7 7laustic
I was so excited when I saw that this was updated. And what a great chapter this was. I can't wait to see Tsuzuki revived. Can't wait for the next chapter :)
7/6/2007 c7 5KohakuTenshi
Yay, another chapter! I can't remember if I left a review previously, but I really do love this story. Please continue~!
6/27/2007 c6 anonymous101
I think your story is the most thrilling and well written I have ever read! Update! The suspense is unbelievable!
3/19/2007 c5 ghidsoagj999
Hm. So Yuudai is actually a good person occasionally? Who knew? And I'm so so so so so glad that Tsuzuki's free! YAY! But oh crap... What if Muraki finds him? And when is Yayoi's child going to be born? What if it's too late? OH THE SUSPENSE! GRAH! I shall continue reading now.
3/15/2007 c1 17Mirai Kurosaki
Interesting idea for a plot...I want to finish reading the rest but I have to work on studying! I thought the bonus section was cute ^^
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