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3/31/2008 c16 2sliver of time
cool! its an awesome story specially the sheelloyd!
3/30/2008 c16 1A Meandering Ghostie

this chapter seemed off...
2/11/2008 c15 1SomeMisguidingName
Great story, cant wait for more!

11/24/2007 c15 crystalwolfberri
this story is really good. I started reading it and got hooked! ^^ I'm happy that everyone is still here, but lots of bad things, worse than in the game, are happening! O.O and it's gettin scary! but please update, I like this. =]
11/23/2007 c15 1A Meandering Ghostie
YAY! ^^
8/25/2007 c14 8Mr.Who2123

Poor Sheena! I could definitely see some shelloyd in there..(sniff.) Good chapter, except, a little CC would be adding some more descriptions. Your writing is a little choppy, and sometimes hard to understand, so just make sure you explain everythign. Other than that, I'm excited for what's going to happen next.

8/10/2007 c14 1A Meandering Ghostie
oh yeah...

Loyd's definitely gonna have one hell of a time.

Sheena better be alright.

Or i will bring pitchforks and torches.

Update soon...
7/17/2007 c13 8Mr.Who2123
Wow, a little twist there! Wow, I've already read al 13 of the chapters...well, since this is on alerts, I'll know when you update! Well, that was a great chapter. Update soon!

7/17/2007 c12 Mr.Who2123
I see the pairings! Shelloyd and Kraine! I really like Shelloyd! Sweet! Anyways, that was a good chapter, and on tot he next one!
7/17/2007 c11 Mr.Who2123
That was a nice chapter! onto the next one!

7/17/2007 c10 Mr.Who2123
Wow, it looks like Zelos and Kratos are bonding in a, Lloyd didn't even know he was being perverted, and Zelos saw Lloyd with the girls...hehehe...anyways, onto the next one!

7/17/2007 c9 Mr.Who2123
Ahh! Yuan!...Well, it does make sense, because he loves Martel, but I want to know what he used to control Lloyd...-thinks- Well, that was good, onto the next one!

7/17/2007 c8 Mr.Who2123
Poor, does Kratos care more about Raine than Lloyd? Oh, maybe this will turn out to be a, well, on to the next one! Good chapter.

7/17/2007 c7 Mr.Who2123
Oh no! The self destruct system! Why do they have those anyways? What if he pushes it on accident or something..? Well, that was a good chapter. On to the next one!

7/17/2007 c6 Mr.Who2123
Oh, Shining Bind. I hope Mithos is gone for good, I don't like him that much...Well, onto the next one!

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