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for It Could Be Worse 2nd Season

12/23/2012 c5 ChibiKakei
So...even though this is done with and you have several seasons after this, I just had to leave a review to spazz about how awesome and giddy I am that Enishi is in this. And also that I am really wanting to randomly ship Enishi and Kel together in this verse. :( As much as I like au Joren, Enishi tops him hahaha
6/28/2008 c22 shadowstorm13
lol i love these bloopers they're funny as hell i love this story thank u for writing i'm going to read the sequel
6/27/2007 c7 em
I love the line "Don't insult me, Irons. I know what lunch is." Way to stick up for yourself there, Joren! But I do kind of like the idea that Liam can even make Joren flustered. Maybe not flustered, but at least he doesn't have one of those annoyinlgy perfect comebacks that we all love him for. Anyway, great story!
6/25/2007 c22 6Lotti's Lot
Sulia, why did you have to retire. ok you should take these storys, change the name of teh characters, and make some other moderations, and send them into publishers.

Hehe. this is my second time reading throught these. i love them with a passion. you are a very talented writer and i hope that someday you get published.

and just out of curiostity, how come you never put Zahir in any of these.
1/14/2007 c22 fliccolo
great story. can't wait to start reading season 3!
7/18/2006 c21 7dreamofdesire
Awesome story!
5/10/2006 c19 me and a half
aww, kel a lil bit ooc in the beginning, but it improves. i wanna c that bike ride. !
5/9/2006 c11 me and a half
lol that was so funny. but not a lotta jorry and kel. waa
5/9/2006 c10 me and a half
noo! jorry was rite! i wanted liam to be really nice. noo. god. after that thing right before he picks her up, i thought he as sincere. and he bought her a bracelet. that meaniehead. (ya, im hyper). aww. poor jorry. oO,"his women". does that mean he's getting all protective of kel? in an older brother way, in an ex-bf way, or in a "i'm madly in love with you but i can't admit it" way?

i DO like julia, though she's taking jorry away from kel. god, with liam's song, for a second i was scared that he was actually singing, lol. that woulda been so funny: liam singing, and then joren walks in on him. LOL. and i like maocorm. he's awesome. baby face. lol.

1 thing, tho: is liam still acting, or was he ordered to like kel but then he realizes he does, actually? because if baby face is scared of him, then maybe kel can't beat him... but then joren would have to rush in and saave the day! yay! lol. joren COULD beat liam, right? god im hoping so right now.

liam is just making me a little bit depressed, tho, because i almost forgot he was evil, i liked him so much, and then kel likes him, 2. she's gunna be so embarrassed, tho, when he's evil and everyone's like "i told you so". i mean, poor kel. the only guy she's ever kissed except for liam is joren, and he wasn't exactly nice to her (not yet, at least. hint hint) and then she finally finds some guy she actually likes and he's evil. and then she's almost falling in love with him? noo, kelly, no!

lol. maybe conal and roald and cleon and neal and owen and joren and lalasa and fal and dom and lerant and yuki and fia and merric and enishi yukishiro and everyone esle should saave her from the eevil liam, lol.

its just hard to imagine kel having to be saved. lol.
5/7/2006 c6 me and a half
o, joren is kelly's conscience. dun dun dun... lol. kel? nice dish? im laughing. did the enishi guy see them or something? and whats the thing with jackal? do u mean like the animal? and joren is not a devil. he's too hot to be a devil, lol. yay! i loove ur fic!
4/30/2006 c3 me and a half
though it may be kel's series, joren can come in a they can have some fluff scenes!
3/29/2005 c22 4FanFictionFantom
ahahahaha i love the last two bloopers especially. dude i gotta hand it to you, you have a way with writing an incredible, moving story, following it up with bloopers to lighten the mood, and then doing it AGAIN and still making it good. also, thinking of all this as a movie at the end makes people dying and stuff easier to take. ah, the bliss of ignorance. i cant wait to read season three!
3/29/2005 c20 FanFictionFantom
oh man, thoms gonna die isnt he? i was so sad when he died the ORIGINAL time...sigh...
3/29/2005 c19 FanFictionFantom
yay! joren is once again an asshole and messing with kels mind! and theyre FIGHTING! i never thought people fighting could bring me joy, but it has! a return to normalcy...hurrah.
3/29/2005 c18 FanFictionFantom
hm like i said before its hard seeing joren so emotional...im used to him being a, well, stone in your story. not sure how i feel about this...
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