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11/15/2009 c16 1742172
AWESOME! Really well written and flows and just and all around amazingly wonderful story. LOVE IT! Great job!
7/14/2004 c16 jedi keliam kenobi
*sob* the ending was so happy. i almost cried.{:(.

great! story i love it. you write excillent storys. you know i normally don't like stories with mara jade as obi-wans daughter but i liked this one alot. may the force be with you.:)
7/17/2002 c4 Kangaroogurl
OMG do you know someone named Alena? my best friend in the world is named that and ive always seen is spelled Elena, except for her of course. was a creey coincidence
4/2/2002 c16 36phoenixqueen
Wow! Good story Laura! I really like the idea of Obi-Wan having a soul-mate, and I think its cool how you made Mara Jade be Obi-Wan's daughter. That was an interesting twist. You are a great writer! Keep up the good work!
7/18/2001 c16 Rory
OMG! That was one of the best stories I have read in a long time! May the Force be with you...
7/1/2001 c16 Ginger Ninja
*Loud applause* WELL DONE LAURA! *GREAT* ending! Yay! Happy Obi! That guy deserves a little happiness don't ya'll think? I can't wait for your next story Laura! Be sure to let me know when you post!
6/30/2001 c15 Goddess
This is a wonderful story of why Obi-Wan has such damn haunted eyes.
6/30/2001 c15 Ginger Ninja
*sniff* that was SO sad! Poor Obi! Can't wait for the next chapter my friend! May the Force be with you! (runs off crying) Has anyone got a tissue?
6/29/2001 c14 6Laura Kenobi
Don't worry, I won't leave you hanging for too long! * Grin * I should have the next chapter posted tomorrow morning sometime! Thank you to everyone who has reviewed for all the nice comments! You have me smiling every time! It's a great feeling! Thanks a bunch! MTFBWY! ^_^
6/29/2001 c14 Goddess
Oh well, cliffhangers are good sometimes! Unless you're planning on leaving us on this particular cliff for eternity. I hate authors like that.. *grumble* Well, on a better note: BRAVO! Great chapter n' story. Bomb diggity.
6/28/2001 c13 Goddess
Woo! *claps wildly* Good job! And gratuitous Obi torture. It's the best, ain't it, folks? Keep writing! I check back here at least 30 times a day waiting for a new installment!
6/28/2001 c13 Ginger Ninja
YOU ARE LEAVING US THERE! *grins* Ok, I know, Miss Evil Cliffhanger writer of 2001 complaining here but this is soooo cool! Poor old Obi! He never catches a break huh? Cool chapters Laura! More tomorrow? *puppy dog eyes* puh-leassssssssse! May the Force bw with you!
6/28/2001 c11 shan
I'm glad you explained your reasoning behind no one else sensing trouble. I really like this story, i'm usually more of an "AU" person and was kind of upset that qui-gon actually died in this story. But its still very good and keeping me interested. Now, are you still going to have anakin turn?
6/27/2001 c11 Goddess
This chapter was DEFINATELY satisfactory! Loved it. Obi kicks butt! WOO!
6/27/2001 c11 Ginger Ninja
Y'know, you must be one of the best posters on this site! Every day I come on here, there's a post from you! Congratulations on being a diligent writer! *giggles* can ya tell I'm calmer today? Post soon Laura and may the Force be with you~Ginger N.
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