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5/16/2010 c7 4AmatureAuthor
_... WAAAAAAAH! this is tooo saaaad! i don want her to die! _...
1/28/2010 c7 6Bokreeder
I couldn't see the picture:( Now you got the curious side of me rived up. Do you thin you could send it to me? Awsome story by the way!
3/1/2009 c7 chibi18
i like it u did a good job ^^
12/29/2008 c7 12Kura and Hana
Omgsh that was so sad! but it was also really good! i loved the story. very original...gawd theres lil tears coming out. i lvoed it. it sad that it was so short tho TT_TT

12/5/2008 c7 anomynos
yea i really like the story but i cant see the picture
11/29/2008 c7 9Yellowsakura

Wah~ This is a good story, I like the idea alot ^-^

Even though you did make some mistakes, i think you did a good job, writing the story itself ^-^ and thats what counts right?

I also think that you rushed the story a bit.

But either way, the story was great! and i enjoyed reading it!

Im about to read the sequel so i will review on that one too!~

Thanks for Uploading the story!~

10/9/2008 c7 5suburo
please write a sequal. i want to know what happens aferwards
3/20/2008 c7 1twelveoclock
just so you know, i wasn't able to see the picture in the last entry...
1/17/2008 c7 1X.x.SANOlover.x.X
Heyy, good story, I am glad you made a sequel. :D
11/12/2007 c7 animegrlrlz
hey can you send me the pic i want 2 c how she looks
9/10/2007 c7 shierysh
i wish she didnt die! T.T but sano's name is izumi and now his son is izumi too! 0_0 or have i just read it wrong...

and what picture! i cant see it!

also... please make a sequel!
3/8/2007 c7 Kiya- chan
Wow that was sad, yet good. I do think you could of made Mizuki's enterys sound a bit more grown up. I wish i could of seen the picture, but that's ok. A sequal wouldn't be too bad. Maybe of the kids hearing more about their mother from her old friends and such, maybe doing a resurch for school. That would be cute ^_^. Well hope your imagination awakes from it's slumber soon. Till your next wonderful story!
3/7/2007 c7 lilac09
I like this chapter alot it's so cute.Oh i didn't get to see the picture.Update soon
3/6/2007 c7 alphaomega1st
Aw! This was a really sweet story! The only thing is a couple grammatical mistakes, but that never bugs me! ^^


PS. I don't see any picture though.
3/5/2007 c7 6Baby Boo Angel
*WOW* I can't beleive this is the end of this story. It was so beatiful and cute and sad but mostly very beatiful. I would really like for u to do a squel for it. Plz! Cause that would be great. I also thought this story was going to be way more longer but I guess not but it was still really cool. ur a great writer and congrates on finishing the story.^^
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