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9/9/2012 c1 21Juniper Night
Reviews ARE appreciative! Appreciative of your story. I didn't see anything wrong, and if I were to tell you what I liked, it would take me... 2,659 words to describe it all :)

Aren't you going to finish it? :(

9/9/2008 c1 2lazi2login
oh i really like these TTHP crossovers please continue!
5/10/2008 c1 6Raiko Toho
Hey, this is a great story! I like how you logically, in my opinion, didn't give everyone their own magic, since that's a little too coincidental. I just have to wonder, how will Cyborg operate in Hogwarts, when electronics don't work in there?

Keep up the good work, and please update soon!
10/14/2007 c1 7CraneLee
dun dun dun update
10/6/2007 c1 ATLA4LIFE
this is cool i wanna see the teen titans go to school! you didnt leave this story did you? please dont. update!
2/24/2007 c1 black sprite
o.O can't wait for the next chapter. well done on a good piece of writing
2/3/2007 c1 Caxixi
Hey! Awesome story! Update soon, this story should own.
1/14/2007 c1 Katee1994
Cool! I love these crossovers! I hope you update really REALLY soon!
12/31/2006 c1 Morrigan's Wings
Cool!Keep going!
12/30/2006 c1 6ANiteOwl
This story is awesome! I love Teen Titans and Harry Potter crossovers. Sadly, I've only found a few that are actually good. Such as yours. This is the first HP crossover I've found that starts after the death of Albus Dumbledore.

I wonder if Voldemort is going to find out about the Titans at any point in this story. If he does, that should make the story a lot more interesting.

I'm very eager to read your next chapter. I hope you update soon.


Gothic Demoness
12/5/2006 c1 8The Hidden Girl
Oh! I love TT/HP stories! Especially well written ones, such as this one. I've always had a problem with how authors get the Titans to go to the school and "blend in". The only thing I want to warn you about is if you've thought of how Cyborg is going to go to Hogwarts. He's half-machine, meaning he'd go haywire at Hogwarts and none of his equipment would work. I really can't wait to see more of this story! It looks fabulous!

Have a nice day!

~Hidden ^^
12/1/2006 c1 NoMasFanfic
This is GREAT! I thrive on these stories! PLEASE continue this story!
11/26/2006 c1 Zarola
I don't see anything wrong. Nice story and I like it! please update soon
11/20/2006 c1 18Astronomy Geek
this is so cool!
11/20/2006 c1 29Skoellya Seyth
I'm a sucker for Harry Potter crossovers and this looks like it could be a good one. I'm really interested to see where you take it.
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