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1/5/2007 c1 FreeWolfoftheWind
That was awesome! Yes, i know i am weird and i need therapy...:P oh well. i really like this story too (i love SasuSaku) it's so cute at the ending! u made Sasuke so sweet! aw... so cute!
12/29/2006 c1 12PhantasyDreamer
Great one-shot I liked it. Here I was thinking this thing was going to be sad. Keep up the good work. Hope you update your other story soon. Lata.
12/22/2006 c1 P-Prince
very nice,
12/18/2006 c1 5DreamsXReality
cute, cute, and very well written, keep writing!
12/16/2006 c1 14kattylin
i so luv that fic...can u make a sequel 4 this one?
12/13/2006 c1 1TheBaconLord
Aw... this story was unbelievably cute! x3
12/2/2006 c1 31Wing Moon
Stupid least she got Saskue and Sakura together that way.

I love this fic. I LOVE THE END! When Saskue quickly runs away!
12/1/2006 c1 49O.o Kaoru-chan o.O
But, did HE do anything with that girl? It wasn't true what Ino saw?
12/1/2006 c1 Liliana
That was such a swet end!
11/30/2006 c1 Serenity.Aglow
yet another sweet fic. BRAVO. really bravo. and keep up the good work. i truely admire your works and i think u'd be a good story writer. :D :D :D
11/30/2006 c1 4VcChick
i think there should be more tension. Let the tension build for one passionate ending. XD update soon!

11/29/2006 c1 4Kiwako
Aw, how cute. Poor Sakura. Even worse, poor Ino! Sometimes Ino annoys me, but she really is such a nice person when it matters, always standing up for Sakura. She didn't MEAN to make Sakura miserable . . . oh, well. Sakura and Sasuke are happy, so nothing else matters. Yeehaw!
11/29/2006 c1 Dark Glass Bottle
I think it would be better if there was another man whom Sakura will er, i don't sweet? 'coz the guy is her cousin...and Sasuke gets jelous?[is that even really possible? well, that's possible for fanfictions and er...when Sasuke is jealous of power]perhaps make this er...longer? like a two shot one shot something? i like it anyway
11/28/2006 c1 5Yunyin
Aw, sweet! I like how you make Sasuke how he more than likely would act if he liked Sakura. Very Enjoyable!
11/28/2006 c1 1lilxcutexmonstah
well, you SHOULD be sorry for not updating your fics! haha, jk. nice one, a really nice one shot. another story for my favorites. update your stories soon!
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