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7/26/2007 c9 11aimoon
The bit about the chips and soda made me laugh so hard it hurt.
5/23/2007 c3 Wierdgirl5834
Hello! so far of what i read of this story is great. Keep it up!
5/22/2007 c8 3Ghostwriter626
lol if they ony knew
2/9/2007 c7 4mctwist
Alas, 70 whole more chapters of fuzzy warm good fuzzy goodness to go! I loved this one, as well as chapter 6, especially Snape and his costume! Hilarious idea, and I like how you portrayed the Black's. Marauders are awesome as usual :) Keep updating! And I'll keep reviewing :P
1/24/2007 c6 3Ghostwriter626
1/12/2007 c5 4mctwist
Ohh good chapter, particularily like the naming part, but I want an ending xD
1/9/2007 c4 mctwist
Really liked the first 4 chapters so far! Write more and soon!
1/8/2007 c4 3Ghostwriter626
1/7/2007 c4 the Sane Fairy
Yet another awesome chapter!

Every one-shot is a great read when I want a laugh. Keep them coming!
12/12/2006 c3 10Anna Potter Black
What's happening with them next?
12/5/2006 c3 3Ghostwriter626
lol hehehaha
12/5/2006 c3 1Life is Truely Great
Hilarious! But I have no idea how you are going to keep up this level of hilarity for the next 74 chapters.
11/29/2006 c2 Toxxica
Y'know, this is actually a...really brilliant story. Absolutely amazing. Will you have any more student-Dumbledore stories? Because I just love those. Anyhoo, update soon, I hope. Ta!

11/29/2006 c2 3Ghostwriter626
11/29/2006 c2 14MissMilkMaid
Great story! Very fun to read. I knew Kevin had to be a Weasley.
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