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for I'll Always Be There For You

8/11/2011 c4 6samiamf69
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh please continue soon you cant just leave it at a cliffhanger like that! ur disappointing ur fans if u dont hurry up and continue the story!
8/22/2008 c4 demonbrownie
NO RIKU! Don't do it! :(
8/21/2008 c4 2Cozmos
Gosh, you are making me super curious here..!

I'm really looking forward for the next chapter.

Great story!
7/27/2008 c4 2reveriemeow
Sounds great! Oh, poor Daisuke... I wonder if he still likes Riku...? I think he does... And wedding? Wow that was kinda unexpected lol. Wonder how he'll react? Update soon!

- Yume-chan
4/14/2008 c4 7elenapotato2010
So far good. I'm still waiting for an interesting twist.

Please update soon.
4/6/2008 c4 87Miss Itachi Uchiha
omg...i want to know what daisuke's reaction would be! update whenever you can!
3/2/2008 c4 7Desparidy Crescent Moon
AH WHERE'S THE NEXT CHAPPIE?~! this is really good. but i can't believe that riku would fall for dark. i mean rikuXdaisuke r like perfect! anywyz update soon so i can c wat happens next k?
2/18/2008 c4 19firewindgurl
wow! now this is interesting! riku and daisuke reunite! and the engagement! let's hope dark doesn't get too jealous!

nice chapter and hope you update as soon as possible!
7/14/2007 c3 1superdupermel
ok, im back! lol i feel so bad for daisuke...i just wanna cry =)
7/14/2007 c2 superdupermel
hey! long time no read! sorry =) anyway, very good, very good! lol that ball thing...physics! lol. im going to read ch. 3 now!
7/8/2007 c3 Akakinzoku
man, i feel so bad for Daisuke. But i really like this fic.
2/6/2007 c2 4Strawberries-and-Cherries
i luv this story i keep on reading it again and again and again u have to put chappie 4 up asap! i wanna know wat happens next :)
2/5/2007 c3 Strawberries-and-Cherries
i LUV THIS STORY! its so cool i wanna know what happens next so update as soon as u can, kk? :)
1/31/2007 c3 N.A.N.A
OMG! SUGOI! hurry up and update! i've been trying to review ur fan-fictions in forever, but my crappy computer wouldn't let me! -.-gr! well...update really, realy SON!

BTW! i feel sorry for daisuke...why do u make him so miserable! it'll turn out as a happie ending tho, right? it better be!
1/28/2007 c3 2pz93
sorry...but this is the least chapter that i liked...i dont want to read any DAISUKE FLUFF! i know you hate dark but whatever (peoples im her cousin) neways hurry and update...
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