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for Snow White II: The Dwarfs Strike Back

9/8/2010 c1 Nina94
Um... I'm not trying to burst your bubble or anything, but... There's already been a sequal of Snow White called, "Happily Ever After". Just sayin'.
9/17/2008 c4 Cheetah
Creative, I like it! The only thing I think that bugs me is that bloody swetasuit, it's a bit anachronistic, just a little personal hang up. Otherwise, great! It's funny, it's scary in a Disney way, and I think it's somewhat plausible. I love the flip of the girl having to rescue the guy. Please keep going and post the bonus feature!
7/16/2007 c4 bill farrell
this is a gr8 story keep going i want to see what happens next
12/31/2006 c4 bill farrell
its great snow white will have to look out with the queen coming back
11/30/2006 c4 15TrudiRose
Very creative and clever! I like the fact that Snow is kind of in-between Disney Snow and Fables Snow, although I would have liked to see how and why she's such a huge leap from Disney Snow to the way she is here, I long for the backstory and character development that got her here. (I know, it's a parody, I should just go with the flow.) I got a laugh out of Prince Charming's comment that Belle should have ended up with Gaston (guess he's read my stories, LOL). Having Prince Charming be a sexist jerk works fine, because we know nothing about him from the movie aside from the fact that he decided to marry Snow just from seeing her once and being struck by her beauty (just like Gaston). I'm eager to see what happens next, if Snow rescues him and how she reacts to the dwarves' plan.

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