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for Not Alone

11/8/2010 c1 7Storm Warning
Updatey update! Awesome pairing ;)
10/21/2007 c1 6Black-Rose23
Interesting start. I can't wait to see what happens next
6/12/2007 c1 6bushes283
HEY! Why haven't you updated this in over a year? This has great potential I really want to know what happens next.
2/22/2007 c1 9Lioriel
You really should continue this! I like it!
1/16/2007 c1 161Tiggy the Hopeless Romantic
Lovee. You are continuing this, right?

Glinda: I'm susposed to be adored! Not her!

Fiyero: Aren't I susposed to be the one kinda in love with her?

Boq: Green girls are smexy.

Elphaba: Whoa... When did I become a lust object?
1/4/2007 c1 6scarpent330
This is great...keep going with it.
12/3/2006 c1 20ChocolatStar
This is really good =D I think personally, your characterisation is spot on.

Hah - I absolutely adored the fact that Galinda's jealous of Elphie, thats brilliant.

"People just don’t like green people." heh - that made me smile.

“I do have ears Galinda and since I share the same room as you, I would, I assume hear the same things as you.”

hehe, I love snidey Elphaba - I want her bitter sarcasm skills!

Update soon! Added to alerts - o!
12/2/2006 c1 maureen is me
12/2/2006 c1 4SurprizeSurprize457
This seems like a really awsome story! I think that it should be a Fiyeraba and Gloq romance. You could have Fiyero subconciously act the same way toward Elphaba vise versa with Glinda to Boq and not Boq to Glinda for a change. Also, you could make Elphaba jealous towards Fiyero and Glinda but realize it. I love how almost everyone is jealous and wants someone else. Update Really Son!
12/1/2006 c1 Anna
This story has an interesting concept. I enjoyed it.

Please write more. =)
12/1/2006 c1 Arduenna
It's great. I'm really enjoying this! Update soon!

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