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8/19/2014 c1 2etrigan the demon
interesting very interesting (strokes chin pretending I have a beard)
3/31/2007 c1 77Danny Phantom SG-1
WHOA! Sounds pretty insanely far-fetched...I like it. You should continue this and make it an epic story of sorts. Or, of course, you could write more Danny Phantom stories...or Stargate...but apparently you write well for DP, so I say stick with it! I like your writing style (use of big words=awesome) More stories from you would be good and much-appreciated. I'll put you on author-alert to see what you do next!

12/4/2006 c1 6Pterodactyl
I nearly fell over at the last two lines. Still the story has a great premise. Please continue.

Read from you soon

12/3/2006 c1 38Butterfly Hippie
very very interesting and original! bravo! update soon!
12/3/2006 c1 4lil' munkies
Awesome idea, I can't really think of much more to say I don't always review 1st chapters, but keep writing and I know this story'll rock so please continue!
12/3/2006 c1 4The Great Susinko
What an intriguing idea. Especially adding Vlad's genes to Danny's DNA. I didn't see that coming. I look foward to when you can update next!
12/3/2006 c1 Linda
Daniel Vladimir Fenton? Hmm, can't really say too much on that cause no one knows Danny's middle name. Interesting theory on ageing too. I think I might have to keep reading. That is, if you'll keep writing...please say yes!

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