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12/9/2009 c2 5Chownz
Well done! After reading all 5 books all I can say that I enjoyed each and ever one of them, thank you... Ka Kite
4/18/2008 c2 shaithis1
Now this, I REALLY liked. Better than all the other stories. It was also interesting that it was being told from Kirk's perspective and not Keiichi's as all the previous stories were, at least to a great degree.

Kirk meets his Enterprise in human form. That would have been great in the series, if they could work it in.

As self-insertions go, I think that is about the most inoffensive way to do it possible, and it did not detract from the story at all.

Thanks for a good story Mike.
4/18/2008 c1 shaithis1
Definitely the best installation of the series to date. Well written, humorous, and very light hearted. I normally don't like crossover pieces very well because people tend not to match up the series/genres well, but this is one of the rare instances where it works. Hope ch. 2 is as good!
3/27/2007 c2 Chargone
well, due to a complete, total, and utter lack of ability to sleep last night... i just read through the entire KMT series.

once you get past the basic premise being a bit dubious and Keichi not quite being in character in the first one, this is a Very well written set of stuff. i liked.

though, i must admit, you came close to losing me in the 4th one. not because i couldn't follow it, but because... I've seen it before, you know? ... heck, I've Done it [admittedly with different characters and settings] which I'm not overly proud of. still, even here, it's well written enough that i kept reading regardless :)

the first three are very good, and the birthday party is also great... would have been better if i could identify all the various cameos, and if they could have come up with a legitimate non-wall breaking reason for the original writer of OMG to be there... but regardless, it was... fun.

the perfect light reading for the sick man who can't sleep, really :) [even the bits that weren't "light" in tone :)]

i think i've run out of useful things to say beyond, over all, i liked it.

so now i shall stop.
2/27/2007 c2 Visigoth29527
I've read all five stories in your 'trilogy' (well, Doug Adams IS good company in that, eh?), and I simply don't know where to start. In the guise of a story, you've managed to get some very interesting ideas across. The concepts of how our biology and gender affect our perceptions alone could keep me yapping for days. So, I'll tell you that I absolutely enjoyed this story, all five parts, tremendously. Though the purist may argue that there are inconsistencies with the manga or anime, this is a very well written and entertaining work. There are only three things that show up in my mind as possible 'downers'...

First: The omnipotent main character syndrome. Flawless, unbeatable hero types that vanquish the enemies without breaking a sweat are generally boring as hell. Honestly, Keiichi was very close to losing my interest. Finally the fourth story showed that he could possibly be bested, and that there was someone (Urd) that could do something he couldn't. It doesn't really help that Kami-Sama designed him as perfect, it's still boring. Without the possibility of defeat, something else in the story has to step in and keep the interest up. For me, the 'cerebral concepts' did the job quite nicely, but others might just see this as a commentary or a vision, so I'll give on this point.

Two: Treading upon religious toes. Well ok, this really isn't such a big deal. I'm a Christian, and I have to admit the portrayal of "Kami-Sama" was a little uncomfortable for me. But it's a fictional work, and I can see the message in it. The one - and probably only - rational point I can make is that to me God (or Kami-Sama or whatever supreme being) is by definition perfect and omnipotent. Therefore, the idea that God would need to design a more powerful offspring is illogical. I do see your concept of a parental figure wanting to give rise to an improved child, so I'll give on point two.

Three: No being is truly evil, and killing is wrong in any circumstances. I may be mistaken, but I sense these are implied themes, especially in the fourth story. In fairness, I may be over-reacting to the killing part of that statement. Keiichi seems to be upset that he killed the black hole without even trying any other option. Here are my thoughts on it. If it is sentient, it would have to be rather oblivious to not notice there are sentient beings trying to stop it. It did react to the virus 'We' sent after it. If it is sentient, and still destroys entire species of sentients, I don't think I would feel bad about it at all. If it isn't sentient, then is it really any different than killing a dangerous animal?

No, I didn't miss the angle that Kami-Sama designed him that way because of his enormous power, but surely Kami-Sama's extreme intelligence could have come up with a better failsafe than condemning his son to guilt because of a mistake.

Well, that's my two cents (maybe a bit more) about your work. I thought that a story that obviously has so much effort put into it deserved something more than a 'loved it - u rock' type review. Maybe this will somehow spark an idea for a sixth part of your trilogy, eh? Just off the top of my head Megumi's birthday might be worth a look.

Once again, excellent work here, and I really enjoyed reading it. Plenty of mental red meat in here. Thanks for sharing it!

12/21/2006 c2 1MoonPrince.com
I can't tell you how much your story is good, but I had to admit that yours is good. Excellent one. Gods and demons helping each other as a team...Hmm, I'm sure this is what the Christians wish to happen. (Is it?)

However, it was good.

Therefore, I am waiting for you to write the next one.

Keep it up and upadate soon

Good day. and have a nice day~
12/16/2006 c2 2Glorfy
just wanted to say how great your stories are!

took me the entire night to get through em, but it was well worth the effort. who needs sleep afterall when you can read this kinda stuff?

oh, and i live for the random fanfic quotes: i tend to get my favs and save em in a doc just for laughs later.

keep up the excellent work
12/12/2006 c2 1Tankred
I hoped for a moment that the crews and ships from the other Star Trek series (TNG, Voy) would appear as well.
12/9/2006 c2 avelius
OmG i LoVe YoUr... Er... QuInTiLoGy!

Seriously though.
12/7/2006 c2 6Jakinbandw
This isn't the end is it?

I loved Kirk! Great chappy!
12/4/2006 c1 Jakinbandw
Nice. I really liked it.

Can Keiichi visit the love hina universe?

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