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9/4/2017 c1 1live-read-imagine
Finally finished this FanFiction. I started it back in 2009 and there were only 63 chapters. I kept checking back in with no updates for a year. Just checked again in 2017 and saw it was complete. Read the whole story anew. Great story, wonderfully written.
8/30/2017 c17 Rusty
Really enjoying the story. I am from New Orleans Louisiana in the United States. Sheesh 94 degrees today. Snowball time. Keep up the good work
8/8/2017 c83 kurokazeryuu
My second time reading Fallen. Still as excellent as ever.
8/6/2017 c63 1Miranda Flamel
Yes! I would definitely be interested in a pdf version of this fic, if you're still doing it. And graphics? *squeals*
8/6/2017 c15 Miranda Flamel
Ooh, I find myself a bit embarassed; I asked if Alex is an OC and you had already said that he was in an AN; and he's 20 at the start of everything... I just assumed that he was 21 since George's "story" took place 4 years ago, when he was 17... huh... is he 27 then, at the end of the fic? Because in Aly's vision, he's described as being in his late twenties, which is pretty vague. Along with that, do you have a birthdate for him? Because I really want to know and I've narrowed it down slightly, since he meets Kel shortly before her 12th birthday and he's 20 at that time, and assuming that he's 27 at the end, and also taking into account the fact that the final attack on Maggur is in the spring, that narrows it down to winter or fall.
8/5/2017 c83 Espied7
I can't even explain how much happiness this story brings to my soul. Thank you so much for sharing your incredible talent and vision!
8/4/2017 c54 Pretty peachbloosm
Hurry and give kel back peachbloosm he's my favorite
7/30/2017 c83 Miranda Flamel
I cry so much while reading this, and my policy with fiction of any sort is that the more it makes me cry, the better it is, and since this makes me cry enough to raise the sea level by several inches...well, I think that speaks for itself. This is truly a work of art that manages to move me sosoSO much; thank you SO much for writing this
7/30/2017 c83 Miranda Flamel
I have reread this fic so many times that I sometimes start thinking that this is how POTS actually goes. It's been several years since I last read the books and I can't quite remember them that well; so, forgive me for asking this, but Alex is an OC correct? Bc I don't remember his character being present in my very murky memories of the books. Also, I really wanna know: who is your dream cast for Alex *anticipation* This fic is such an amazing masterpiece that I will reread again and again in the foreseeable future.
7/26/2017 c83 Guest
Every few years I come back and reread this. Truly the best fanfiction I have ever read.
7/14/2017 c83 WePo
Finished reading late last night (after several late nights of reading)! Really enjoyed your version of the world and development of the northern culture! Thank you for your persistence in writing and posting through your school career :)
7/7/2017 c83 chelsgirl136
I have read and re-read this fic at least 20 times. I often find myself thinking that this is the actual story and not Tammy's. Thank you so much for writing something that still moves me after years of reading it.
7/5/2017 c20 5Tahari
Just noticed a plot hole I thought I would point out... Kel rescued the slave girl in Frasrland... it is a city in Tortall... slavery is illegal in Tortall.
4/17/2017 c83 CACOPANMCO34
I have to say I have read a number of fan fiction from different fandoms and very few have going the rank that this one has. I couldn't put it down and it literally was as if I was reading a book. The way you write not only draws you into the story but you become the story. I hope you don't stop writing. You have a gift and I hope to see more stories from you in the future.

P.S. I hope you continue the story of the next generation, Tobe and Kel's and Dom's little ones plus all of the others that are going to be born or raised in a world of revolution and freedom.
4/11/2017 c83 Ekela
So the saga ends. Thank you, I've had a fantastic time reading this over the last couple of days. I really do hope you have found time to continue writing during your busy life (now as a vet, I suppose?)

I would love to hear if you have written anything more since. D
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