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12/26/2008 c5 Anonymous
Samurai joke is cheesyer (is that a word?) than the pirate joke (: The story's still good
12/26/2008 c4 Anonymous
The pirate thing was cheesy. I like the story. Maybe you should've waited longer ya know until a baby was involved ;D
2/7/2008 c5 9Witty-Kate
wow this is brill!

are you going 2 update?
1/19/2008 c5 5shazine
please keep going with this story!

so far its amazing and i am very much hooked.

i really like the way you have written Perry as well.

you review requests always make me laugh too =]
4/15/2007 c5 76sarahandthegraveyardshift
*heart broken* Poor JD! How utterly depressing . . .

This is such a good story! I hope you continue it. Violette seemed so nice, and she was so good to JD. They seemed so perfect together! Will JD ever see the shooter again? (I was kind of egging him on when he went for the guy ... I'm such a dork.)

Dr. Cox is my favorite character, so I'm normally very picky about how people portray him, but I think you've captured him /very/ well - rants and all! :) Please update soon! I can't wait to see what happens next! Later, Gator!

3/26/2007 c4 87Nyxelestia
i love th way u change ur styles to ask for reviews.

anyway, not only have i added this story to my faves, i hav aded you to my author faves! big time bcuz i lov JDA!

i really love this story and you have to update ASAP!

3/4/2007 c5 donotenter
Poor J.D.! Please continue, I wanna know what happens :D
1/4/2007 c5 create and celebrate
I LOVE this story! I've always loved JD, but you've made me appreciate him more. And you just happened to pick a couple of my favorite Brand New songs! You're an awesome writer and I hope to see more from you.
12/21/2006 c5 Nini
I LOVE THE STORY! It is very sad but sweet and real at the same time. I really like how is there for JD even after JD is going all crazy on him. I hope that when JD finally cries and opens up he opens up to I can't wait for an update!
12/14/2006 c5 kdfhoeufnvjkd
Dr. Cox picked him up! "I could feel the gazes of the two men beside me jab into my skin like they were fishing for something and I was a lake." - loved this bit! UPDATE!
12/13/2006 c5 4SkyPad
"I am a samurai. Your reviews would give me much honor."

LMAO! Now that's just too funy!

All right, it was like MAJOR UPDATE day so I'm incredibly happy that you've decided to update your story today. Seriously. It made my INCREDIBLY BORING day much better.

*tears* to JD! I'm glad he wasn't alone when he got the apartment, even though he wanted to be, because I don't want to think the horrid thoughts he'd a come up with. Besides, you know if Turk wasn't there he'd probably just lock himself up with the grief he's now dealing with. That pillow-hug thing? Pricelessly cute/adorable.

Augh to Mike! You can most def. see JD wanting Mike to be mad at him. I mean, it seems like JD is waiting for SOMEBODY to get mad at HIM so HE can realease HIS anger. If ya know what I mean.

DAN! YAY FOR DAN! *ahem* I love Dan. He's the best JD-molding character next to Dr. Cox. Doubly sweet since it was oh-so sudden that Dr. Cox was the one who called Dan up (and talked to Mike first).

Magificent writing. Please continue soon :)

Happy Days,

12/11/2006 c4 1Silver Acorn
This story is just so sad. You are such a talented writer. My heart breaks for JD just reading it.
12/11/2006 c4 kdfhoeufnvjkd
Aw poor JD! No more appletini's? NO! hehe. Great chapter. So much good JDA! Update!
12/11/2006 c4 10saltoftheearth
oh snappy JD at the end. nice touch. again - very well written. because i'm a huge nerd i love seeing dr. cox be the one to try and take care of JD, even if he isn't the most empathetic human being on the face on the planet. it just works damn it. it was so nice to see this updated! thanks ;)
12/10/2006 c3 1Exes and Ohs. 2
I highly doubt the pregnancy will go forward. One: they're entirely too anxious and happy when they finally decided. In TV land, that always shows that they're going to be majorly let down. Two: I just .. don't see it happening.

As for Jordan being know that a lot of women who had abortions suffer from severe depression afterwards? They grieve the loss of their child, they wonder 'what if' and for the rest of their lives it will always guilt them. Jordan has shown in the show that she's not heartless, and she just remembered that she does have another child, and looking @ Jack makes her wonder. That's why Dr. Cox was sad looking, as well; he knew she was hurting from it.

Bleh. I've been picking apart that episode since Thursday. Didn't Jordan find out she was pregnant, what, 3-4 weeks before Kim found out? So WHY THE HELL is Jordan suddenly 4 months pregnant and Kim just found out?


I LOVE THIS STORY. It's so..*sniffle* beautiful. I've got 24 days left til this baby comes out - sooner if my original due date [Christmas] sticks - and I've been SO BORED lately. This story lights up my day and my life =) Can't wait for more!
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