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2/13/2010 c21 snuffles5751212
this was just amazing!

I loved it, it was a great story. I love how you ended it too

again, loved it 33
1/15/2010 c14 1Dementra
hahahaha that's so funny! The priest must seriously be a retard or something. I mean, I understand the water, but rubber, feather duster and plunger?
8/8/2009 c14 6mooopower
Lol I love how Hisoka always says "You really don't need too-" as the priest pours water on him it makes me chuckle.
12/6/2008 c3 Non-Existent Account
oh my god... im actually tearing up... that has never happened before to me while reading a fanfic... ur good.
5/20/2008 c5 18Sasskitten
Hello my name is Sasakitten and I am a Anime-holic.


Sorry I couldn't resist. Must go read some more stuff.
5/20/2008 c4 Sasskitten
*Leki runs out the door.*

Dane: I better follow him.

*Dane runs out the door.*

Sorry, they think that since they are muses in training that they change the fate. This was a very good chapter. Even better reading it a second time.
5/20/2008 c3 Sasskitten
Now don't go whipping yourself Kaguri18. I think I seen enough whipping. Oh and that website is on youtube. I don't know why it didn't show the whoe address but I hope you do find it. It is the one where it shows a girl in black, lying on the ground covered in blood. Oh and do I have permission to kill Hisoka's father?

Oh and Leki wants to know if he can flush the bad man down the toilet?
5/20/2008 c2 Sasskitten
You know this kind of reminds me of the song Dear Mister Jesus. It was a song I listened to alot when I was little. It was made to help make people aware of childabuse. See /watch?v=I0PVV5wrz2I&feature=RecentlyWatched&page=1&t=t&f=b

Well, I must go now. Great chapter.
5/20/2008 c1 Sasskitten
"When the moon is blood red"

I love that. Now as I promisedI would go back and review the other chapters. So I am going to try and do that. Maybe review two or three chapters a day. Plus I love rereading stories. They are fun.
5/20/2008 c21 Sasskitten
You know nobody ever truly forgets about their true love. After all it is just locked away deep in their heart. THe part of the heart that keeps every secret. I meant to review this last chapter sooner I just lost my head for awhile lol. And you know, I updated the Dream Weaver and haven't seen you there for awhile young one.
2/19/2008 c20 Sasskitten
Fantástico! *Coughs.* Sorry that's Spanish for fantastic. I do plan on going back a reviewing some of the other chapters. Hey wouldn't it be awsome if you got 100 reviews? Well, I must go. Now that my writer's block has lifted I can work on the next chapter.
10/17/2007 c21 12Pugnacious Peace
T_T I started reading this this morning, and I came home from school and kept reading. XD

I'm crying now. *sniff* I need to go watch a depressing movie and eat ice cream...

Can't wait to read the rest of your stories!
8/26/2007 c15 Die in a hole with Penguins
Your So Mean To Hisoka Why Is Everyone Mean To Hisoka And Tsuzuki?
7/12/2007 c21 barnacle-mermaid
hi, i've read photograph and i must say...(take a deep breath) sugoi! (^^!) yes i would love sequel and i hope it will involves tzusuki and the gank. i also hope it would end with happy ending for them both.

thank you for writing a good story and finished it.

ja.. ganbatte
7/10/2007 c21 6Seer of Terana
T-T So... sad. So... sweet. So... so... BAH! I can't think of anything else. But this was still awesome; count the "very's":

Very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very awesome! that's 20 "very's" - The most I've ever put in a review: You broke a record. Yay you!
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