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for I Thought I Knew You

9/6/2015 c1 Kyle Blueman
Great story, there must be something wrong with me I always love suicides in stories, maybe because I know it's fiction, instead of the feelings of hopelessness that occasionally hold me in their bittersweet embrace. Anyways good story!
8/25/2010 c1 2DenizaJane
At The End I Was Sayin' To Myself ' Don't Cry Don't Cry Don't Cry ' :'( Beautifully Written...

Please Can We Maybe Have Another Chapter, Maybe James Finds Him Or Something? James Drives Like A Maniac And Finds Tom, Brings Him Back To Base, And They All End Up Happily Ever After? Please, So I Don't Have To Cry? :'( ;3 Jokes :)
1/8/2010 c1 ILUVCHERUB
aw poor kyle :-(
1/31/2009 c1 6willhelmbroon-cherubfan
OMG! I actually cried. Kyle is my altime fav charactor in CHERUB. And You killed him off. Great Story. But WHY! (Sobs)
9/14/2008 c1 28The-Ochraniacz
you are crazy! Poor Kyle! You shouldn't have made him to that!
6/22/2008 c1 1Banished Thoughts
this is so sad but i totally see where ur coming from.its brilliant.
3/2/2008 c1 4writing bird
I don't quite think that this suits Kyle's character, but otherwise, it's a very good story.
5/13/2007 c1 jake
woop woop.

luv ya erin
3/8/2007 c1 11smithyfan
This is really good, i'm in the mood for self harm angsty type s**t atm so this was perfect! Also the only even slightly cherub slash i have found- its banned on the forum (crazy?). So yeah back to the fic short but sweet, you really got the heartbreak across well done x

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