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7/9/2012 c17 Guest
please continue. very good and interesting. how does the battle turn out? want to know. do they save Hisoka and Kuri. does Tsu and 'Soka fight. update please
3/13/2011 c17 psnshndys
This is a very good story. Why didn't you finish it?

Why weren't your chapters longer? I dislike it when a story

isn't finished. It is frustrating to us readers when fan fiction

writers leave a story unfinishede. Please finish it.
4/23/2008 c17 7laustic
I'm happy about the update! Good chapater as always ^_^
3/5/2008 c16 1Gcbella19
please please update. i so love this story i want to know what happens!1
8/18/2007 c16 7laustic
This was a really good chapter! I love the description of Tsuzuki's outfit. I imgine that he must look hot in it ^^ I'm glad to see this updated. Continue on with the good work.
7/19/2007 c15 laustic
Great chapter and I will look forward to the next update. This keeps on getting better and better. I hope Hisoka isn't really on their side, but I'll have to wait and see. Good work!
6/14/2007 c5 4Chrono21
Before I begin, yes I have read the prequel, I just can't remember if I reviewed it... and it was awesome! Quick guess before I continue reading, since I'm on an EXTREME sugar rush (it's like a normal sugar rush. with edge). Ryu's a werewolf, isn't he? I was kinda hung up on the vampire thing at first too, but then why would he be worried about the full moon? Ok, yes, I'm stupid for reviewing when the chapter is already up, but damnit! the sugar rush bows to no mortal!
5/22/2007 c14 7laustic
Wow, that was great. Tsuzuki is perfect to weild the power of light. I hope he's able to rescue Hisoka. Great work on this chapter.
5/21/2007 c14 silenceinlight
Ah! I'm so glad you've updated and it was a reeaallyy good chapter but I wanted to see Hisoka! So this was a terribly frustrating cliffhanger. Well done though. ;) I hope you update much sooner than last time!
5/5/2007 c13 laustic
Oh no! Poor Hisoka, what's going to happen to him? I want to know what's going to happen! I hope you update soon!
5/4/2007 c13 shigure sohma7

this chapter was really really good

i have to know what happens next lol

i hope it all works out ok
4/12/2007 c12 laustic
I loved how Nariko decided that she and Tatsumi should take the long way just so they can have a chat. That was pretty cool and I can't wait to see the next chapter and read about Tsuzuki's transformation.
4/11/2007 c12 silenceinlight
Good chapter but is Hisoka going to be back into the story soon? Maybe you could write what Muraki and company are up to while you write about Tsuzuki...that way we at least know. :]
3/31/2007 c11 laustic
That was a cool chapter. I liked how Damian knew just when Tsuzuki would pass out. It's also interesting that Nariko felt Tsuzuki's blood tasted different. I like to see what that's about. Great job with this chapter.
3/16/2007 c10 laustic
Great chapter. I want to read more! You're doing great with this fic. I love it.
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