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10/5/2019 c11 382JanetM74
Brilliant. Read through twice immediately as I enjoyed them immensely. Thank you.
1/29/2007 c11 16Ms Hobgoblin
Firstly, I would like to say (uhoh, this is begining to sound like a speech!)that I have thoroughly enjoyed your story. I am actually sad this is the last chapter :(

But you made it a good one. Loved the 'understanding' between Scott and Jeff at the end. And Virgil/Brains/Scott in the lab was very well written, without being over-the-top. and the 'FAB' explanation at the end was fun!

You have a very easy/light feel to your writing which makes it a pleasure to read, and you get your story across to the reader very well. You have just about everything in this story, suspense, humor, angst, and emotion. This is not an easy thing to acheive, so good on you!

I look forward to your next story.

Hob x

(blushes that you even mentioned me - no problem!)
1/29/2007 c11 32Phoenix Sparrow
That was a really lovely story. I enjoyed every word of it. Very well written, consistent (unlike some of my older scarier works! Lol) and a joy to read. I look forward to more of your work in the future!

Phoenix Sparrow

1/22/2007 c10 Phoenix Sparrow
Well, what a way to wake up! Lol. Alarm was due to go off at 7.30, dogs woke me up at 5.30 then I'm presented with breakfast just as I'm dozing back off around 7. Damn it. But hey, reading this certainly brought me back to consciousness!

A very good chapter. I love the way they work together at building those foundations. It's so cool. Nice one.

Phoenix Sparrow

1/22/2007 c10 16Ms Hobgoblin
Great chapter!

The rescue of Virgil was well written, and I liked the way Jeff handled it, and both his sons. The 'smile' and thought he had at the end was a nice touch.

I would have had my bets on scott jumping in to rescue him, but I enjoyed your version much more!

John made me smile as well. I hope he does'nt get told off for geting in 'that' way!

Update in your own time, it will be worth the wait!

Hob x
1/13/2007 c9 Ms Hobgoblin
Its nice to see Jeff and scott work on something together, even if they are so stern about it. They are so similar arn't they!

They have to save Virgil...and soon!

Great chapter.

Update soon.

Hob x
1/9/2007 c8 Ms Hobgoblin
Sorry in the delay, but not all my alerts are coming through!

Really ejoyed this chapter, my favourite bit was the end between Jeff and Scott.

Can't help thinking that you are planning to put John and Tin-tin 'together'?

Update soon.

Hob x
1/5/2007 c7 Ms Hobgoblin
A nice snipit with John and Tin tin. The ending really stood out for me. The only real difference between them.

Well they are all in. Lets see what tomorrow brings!

Hob x
1/2/2007 c7 13Lillehafrue
And so it begins...

They've all agreed to join the cause, just as we knew they would. :)

I liked the interaction between Tin-Tin and John. Very nicely done. And the end lines were just perfect. Keep up the good work!
12/30/2006 c6 16Ms Hobgoblin
Ooh. I like it. Scott being the only one really against it. And being so protective of his brothers even from their father is priceless.

Looking forward to the next part. Its very interesting how you are portraying them at this young age, update soon okay!

Hob x
12/22/2006 c4 Ms Hobgoblin
so they are finally there, safe and sound.

Can't wait to read about their reaction to the villa...and anything else jeff might show them!


Hob x
12/20/2006 c4 4Kimi Bristow
They're finally on Tracy Island! they're finally on Tracy Island! *ahem*.

Update soon! :)
12/18/2006 c3 13Lillehafrue
So, Gordon usually mangages to get away with murder. Why am I not surprised. And I agree with Scott, John had better watch his step with his computer. Not cool, John.

Still liking the banter between the brothers, very well done.
12/17/2006 c3 16Ms Hobgoblin
I am LOVING this!

It reads really well, and I must admit, even though it's still in its very early stages, is fast becoming one of my faves!

Looking forward to next part.

Hob x
12/13/2006 c2 13Lillehafrue
Very nice start! I'm really enjoying this so far. The interaction you have between the brothers is very well done. I can see and hear it all happening. And, for the record, I would have tied Gordon to the roof rack.

So, now they're off for their first (sort of) glimpse of the Island. Things ought to get really interesting now.

Looking forward to more!
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