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3/28/2014 c1 Renee Dance
Very interesting.
11/12/2010 c3 iShipxx
... doesn't hokage literally translate to fire shadow? cuz kage=shadow... and i'm pretty sure it's fire.. cuz they have a fire kanji on their building... .. idk about kanji.. i just know it's chinese.. fire.. and if you've heard the really retarded chinese version of naruto, you'd understand... or maybe u already do..?
7/21/2009 c6 3xForeverinMex
haha hide-and-seek this chappie was entertaining ^-^
3/20/2009 c18 AngelsHeart0908
I love your multi comple storys! Their Awesome = D Especially the part where Orochmaru is beaten to a pulp = ] Write more for these couples please!
7/7/2008 c15 1deactivated-DeepBlueInk
3/12/2008 c18 Amalthea Daemon
Aww, sweet ending. Even though the battle with Orochi-kun epically failed, I'll forgive you because over all this piece was a total work of genius and very well written. I'm sure it was what you were going for, but I'll point out SasuSaku was the dominant pairing throughout the fic, but I makes sense with the plot. Also, after a while you just kinda stopped doing the Jap/Eng dictionary...even though you added new words. Please remember to include those each chapter you use Japanese next time. Great work, and I can't wait to read Chords!
3/12/2008 c17 Amalthea Daemon
By now from my reviews from this, Poisoned Cinnamon, and Differences, you must know I love you DewWater, but that battle with Orochy-kun epically FAILED! As an Orochimaru fangirl, I must say that was a complete insult to him (not to mention a completely anticlimatic ending to the Sasuke/Orochi plot). If I wasn't waiting eagerly for you to update Poisoned Cinnamon, I be reviewing/flaming down your throat until you improved this last scene. But because I am and I still love you, I won't, but please consiter changing this chapter between stories sometime, hai?
3/10/2008 c2 Amalthea Daemon
Okay, now I have to review for this chapter because it was Tenten based. Jerk. Anyhoo, el gasp! for a plot involving a mysterious new comer. Is she an OC? I don't recognize her name. Hinata is slightly OOC in this. Since when does our favourite shy wallflower take the initiative action (she actually threw the bones without being asked) or play with Ino's hair? Sorry if it sounds mean, it just doesn't quite seem to fit.

Oh! Also, something that's been bothering me is that you don't seem to know that when the speaker of dialog changes you have to skip a line. Annoying and makes for a longer chapter, but it's easier to read and doesn't have the readers do a double take trying to figure out who said that or why the character just answered their own question. I know this fic is already complete so it's too late to fix, but just for future reference, assuming you're actually reading my review. Je ne.
3/10/2008 c1 Amalthea Daemon
Okay, dude, creepy way to start out a fic (especially since I just came from reading Poisoned Cinnamon)! Wonderfully written, though. You did a perfect job of keeping us in ignorance and suspense right until the end. Totally freaked me out. Jiraiya's such an arse. Thanks for the NejiTen flash. :) Okay, off to finish the rest of this potent fic. If I'm feeling merciful, maybe I'll review ever other chapter and not just the last one.
12/9/2007 c18 broken-luv
Great job! Oh, & look: 98th review! 2 more till you reach your goal! =D
11/5/2007 c1 sakura246
Great first chapter it was fnny!
8/15/2007 c18 shelly
this story was so good!

although in da beginning it was a bit confusing... but never da less it was a great story!

i cant wait 2 read other stories u write!

p.s. keep on writing!
7/8/2007 c1 Moonlitt-Blossom

What's gonna happen next, I wonder..?

Good story!
6/9/2007 c3 diana
thanks for the lessons you helped me out oh and the storie was awsome!
2/20/2007 c18 21drawingdownthemoon
oh my god, this is definitely one of my favorite stories now. awesome plot, none of the stupid oocness, kept a smoothe pace with the turn of events, and.. unforgetable closing statement. NOW i totally understand the title. great job, by far one of the best ive seen in a while.
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