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for And Then He Smiled at Me

11/21 c30 JTRF
Oh wow. I found this story 15 years after you started it but read it in record speed. It is fantastic. I definitely understand life getting in the way but do hope you one day find time to finish this story. Your talent for the written word is simply amazing. I love it!
10/21 c30 js
As mentioned by all the reviewers, this is a well written story. Wonderfully dynamic scenes involving many of our favorite characters. But what sealed the deal for me is the dialogue. You have a gifted mind !
9/24 c30 Xtine410
I know it’s been a while since you wrote a new chapter, but I hope you do come back to it and finish. Love this story so far. I actually wouldnt mind watching this as a tv series. I like Lorelei and Christopher together and that Rory has an older brother. But it will be interesting to see what you write when the rest of the program goes and when the rest of the family finds out. Don’t stop writing!
7/10 c30 bseriel
I truly hope you can one day come back and finish this story
7/7 c12 7Axel Alex
Heuuu... comment elle peut être au clair de lune alors qu'il est que 19h en été ... le soleil n'est pas couché à cette heure là ... sinon j'adore ton histoire
5/2 c30 1jumpingaces
pls come back
5/2 c30 Eclarke81
I know it’s been years since an update but Thankyou for a wonderful story I was totally lost in this week. It was well written and oozed teenage euphoria
4/6 c30 ShielaE
I LOVE this AU. I love this take on Rory and Logan's love story. This is the first time I read an complete AU were Rory has a brother and they live in the society life they were born to be. I hope you can continue this love story into their college years and of course into being together in professional lives. Please, please come back and continue! :)
3/25 c19 luchieneedstherapy
I don't know of I want Joanna to be with Kevin, she is so perfect
3/25 c18 luchieneedstherapy
I try to like Kevin, but he is tooooo sexist AHHHHHH it annoys me a lot
1/26 c30 Guest
I love this so much, please come back!
1/21 c30 Guest
I really enjoyed this story - the brother Kevin, Lorelei & Christopher together & wealthy, Colin & Finn; & of course Logan & Rory...
More chapters to include the families, including Mitchum's reactions to their dating; Yale, et al
1/9 c1 Slitheringlouise
Just reread this for a second time. I loved the original characters and the storyline itself. If you find the time to write more in the future, I’ll definitely be reading!
11/25/2020 c30 3Onceupondream82
I just found this story and I love it! I wish you would write more. Would love to know about Mitchum's reaction!
10/7/2020 c30 izzreads
I love this story! Thank you for writing this.
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