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7/18/2008 c1 Allyson

thats really sweet!

I liked that! Very nice touches!
1/11/2008 c1 6Serpina Silver Tongue
Simply amazing. The grammar is not perfect, but the story is so well written that I can certainly forgive that. Lovely story.
10/28/2007 c1 Cantstandthis
Otto! I told you I would start reading your stuff, and I meant it! This one shot was BEAUTIFUL! The last line was...absolutely perfect! Ahh, it was wonderful! I love your writing style. =)
12/18/2006 c1 3EriksDiva
I loved this. It was fantastic!
12/17/2006 c1 25Lorien Urbani
*cries* Wow, Otto. This is definitely one of your best, most heartfelt works I have read from you. You stayed loyal to Susan Kay and Leroux, to Erik and Madeleine. I could't blame his bitterness. After all she had done to him...I was always so sad that Madeleine realized too late she loved her son.

The part with requiem, that he just played it right before her though she was still alive,kind of made me shudder, but she deserved the cold behaviour from him.

And then, she kissed him...She kissed him! That made me cry. This was so beautiful, Otto, so very beautiful.

And the last sentence...What an incredible end to finish the story!
12/16/2006 c1 Friend to the Phantom
Otto! I loved it! I still have tears on my face! Thank you so much for writing this.I think you have embraced the spirit of Erik so wonderfully. (I think Susan Kay should be honored with what you wrote here.)If I had your phone number- and was at home- I would call you and TELL you just how wonderful of a job you have done.

I can't begin to tell you how very impressed I am. I am also very moved by dedication.

Well done my friend!

12/15/2006 c1 2Mothboss
My god, that was so sweet and sad, I cried.
12/15/2006 c1 MadamaSalieri
Lovely story. Especially this last line.
12/15/2006 c1 16phantomphan1992
Aww... that's so sweet!

You did an amazing job of staying true to Kay's interpretation. I guess I never really took into consideration this scenario, but it's much like I imagine Kay would have written...


With love,


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