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12/29/2006 c1 4chisanaki
I liked a lot the way you wrote this. So short and perfect!

I'm so very glad of reading another sory of yours again! :)

Also, I'm glad your muse is back... :) Please keep writing!


12/19/2006 c1 19minniequill
This was great; really fantastic.
12/17/2006 c1 61AssortedScribbler
Ok, I'm crying now. This is so beautiful, and so heart-wrenching but so sweet at the same time, I'm so glad. It's beautiful. Well done.

12/16/2006 c1 55OSUSprinks
Oh this was so sweet and so sad. I loved the way you painted the picture, slowly, one stroke at a time. Great job. Thanks for sharing.
12/16/2006 c1 ckontowderdon32
im 2 lazy 2 log in. :D

good job! however, it would have been better if you had fixed the small grammar mistakes. b-e-a-utiful writing :D but there were grammar errors, like no commas where there should have been, and "your" instead of "you're".
12/16/2006 c1 10B. Alex Burke
Yep, still love it. :P Terrific little fic. Glad your muse got a good kick in tha balls. lol

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