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10/3/2010 c15 hullohullo
love your small talks!

ANYWAYS, more and fast!

No pressure intended!

Bahbye! Love yah'
6/16/2010 c15 akiko no inu
4/14/2009 c15 2kittycat5261
hey what's taking you so long to update? do it please! I like this story!
1/16/2009 c1 Crown of Holly
Well, the thing that bugs me is that its OCC, and you don't capitalize, But other than that it's kind of funny.

If you fixed it up a bit it would be 10/10. :]
11/24/2007 c15 DarkRavie
Great chapter. I look forward to reading what happens next!
11/5/2007 c1 RikuTakahashi u have spell check?

gomen gomen :D

just messing around...ish good story...
10/15/2007 c13 3IsolinaBlack
Actually, Temari has FOUR ponytails, but whatever...
10/15/2007 c11 IsolinaBlack
... Why is Kui limping? -Suspicious look-
9/2/2007 c14 jinsane226
oh man...XD
7/2/2007 c12 meg
HOT DAMN O.o *trying to decide weather to be happy and think about oro-teme raping sasuke because of the perverted yaoi fangirl i am or emo because you have one hell of a cliffy*

...i geuss both, so please please PLEASE update soon! make me happy please! T.T
7/2/2007 c8 meg
GAY-NESS, SO SMEXEH, SO HOT...NGH...*has rabid yaoi fangirl moment*

nyah, Kui-kun sounds hot *grabs him and RUNS*
7/2/2007 c5 meg
1. *cough**cough cough* no one heard that ;

2. wait untill the very end of the next chappy (although my opinion is pretty pointless now ; )
7/2/2007 c3 meg
*more rabid yaoi fangirling* I-R-U-K-A! PLEASE MAKE IT IRUKA

; uh, yeah, nobody saw that...
7/2/2007 c2 meg
MAKE KAKASHI DATE IRUKA... *rabid yaoi fangirl moment*

; uh, no one saw that...
6/13/2007 c12 FireAngelCatGirl
I love this story lots. I think that Naruto and Kakashi should be able to get to sasuke in time and not be taken by Orochimaru (sp?) Well that is my opinion.
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