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9/8/2007 c6 elementalmage2008
OH you really know how to incentive someone to review don't you! H/D good stuff, clone free, dang!

anyways, i'm just here to bug you about updating your story sometime before never, and to tell you that i would absolutely die of evil Cliffhanger if you didn't, and seeing as how i don't really feel like going yet, i think i'd really appreciate it if you would update soon, in fact the sooner the better, i'm kinda feeling a little feverish and my throats really tight,... OH NO IT"S STARTING! NO SPARE ME!

QUICK help me not die! PLEASE UPDATE SOON!


2/23/2007 c6 11henriette
Nice, though I get a bit confused when you only write he, instead of telling if you mean whomever is in the scene. I don't know who's speaking half the time...

good to see you killeed off Granger, did you get Weaselette too? Hope you did! And please make Harry the dom.

PS: the button is BLUE!
2/9/2007 c2 1Avatrenai
2/5/2007 c6 4Llama-k'Leysha42
omg, what hasn't happened in years! O_O Does it have something to do w/ Harry and Draco? Please o please o please update soon!
2/4/2007 c6 3DBZfanalways
I think I may be more confused than Harry haha. Great chapter, please update again soon.
2/4/2007 c6 9Disintegrating Vortex
Why... why do you call the button purple? *hopelessly confused* It is silvery white! But everyone says it is purple! Maybe I am... colorblind! T_T

After that rant, this is very good. Malfoy gets a little OC with his "bow to Potter" routine, but I guess that's how you want it. Learning about the Stars n' such was interesting, but I want more slash! xD (Vair funny about the clich├ęd relationship bits)
2/4/2007 c6 TOFTS
people always seem to have issues with flaming stuff. if they don't like it, why are they reading it? i never figured it's like the reviewer who calls your writing a piece of crap, calls you a bitch and your mother a whore, but leaves the flame at the last of 15 chapters...wtv, please update soon! can't wait to see how harry deals with finding both the key and dealing with draco. voldie's still around isn't he? does he have something to do with the big bad it heaven?
1/16/2007 c5 Kirrima
O, 'Stars'! Fresh idea and very interesting. So when do we find out more about them and Harry? Is Draco his mate or is it different than the veela stories? Is he his slave? Update asap please. I can't wait! ^^
1/9/2007 c5 3Slytherins Kick ASS
Oh damn! I totally understand why Draco had to smack a bitch.
1/9/2007 c5 Questions
You have a good premiss,

But I find your story sort of out there. The first thing is the letter. Harry has ALWAYS wanted to know the truth! So him receiving a letter with EVERYTHING he needs to know then I have a feeling he would read it.

ESPECIALLY, when he is told that Draco is having an adverse reaction to him and he either has to avoid him or bond with him. Since none of these PEOPLE are an expert on his condition I would think that Harry would start with the letter to see if it had a solution before having to move in with the guy he has hated for 6 years!

But even if that did not make Harry read the letter, then when he lost control of his body and almost killed Malfoy I am thinking he would read the letter. BECAUSE that would make him seem too close to LORD VOLDEMORT having that power and possibily abusing it.

So please, please, please have Harry read the letter. Unless your saying without the Hermione he is dumb?

ALso why would DRACO and Slytherin house take care of magical creatures with Hagrid?

Also it seem that Draco and the slytherins are having issues, can we find out why.

I think my biggest complaint is that many of your thoughts and threads are left half done and it really gets confusing why you invest a lot of time in parts of the story that really don;t matter!

And if they are trying to form a bond of brotherhood, then why one bed?
1/9/2007 c5 TOFTS
nice, please continue
1/8/2007 c5 3DBZfanalways
Okay I'm a tad confused but still enjoying the story. It's a good story. Kinda different from the others, I like that. I'm ready to see what kind of relationship is brewing between the two. Pretty please update again soon.
12/17/2006 c2 3Dastardly-lie
So, I was, like, right in assuming this story totally KICKS ASS! ::Karate Chops Air:: But, like, what is with people killing off/not including Hermione in stories? I mean... I don't really like her half the time, ::shrugs:: It's something in her eyes... But I mean, this is like the third one I've read this week where Herm's either a bitch (oh... that's my story) dead (this one) or completely er... I don't really know how to discribe her in that one... (Beauty is the beast) Hm... maybe it's just me... Anyway, me and my naked Draco Plushie love this story, and we both hope that you shall update soon!
12/17/2006 c1 Dastardly-lie
::hops up and down, arms flailing wildly:: Oh Me God! This looks amazing! So, I was like, hmm, I should get to bed, but I want to read Fanfics instead. So I go and hit "Romance" "Rated M" "Draco" "Harry" and then, bang! I see this story as the first one. And I'm like...Hmm... The summary looks good. Then I read "QueenGen" and I was like, HOLY CRAP! And I knew I had to read this. I mean, I read "The Elevator" and loved that, and "Beauty is the Beast" was just... Godly. And I said to myself, I said, "Teri, this has to be good." And I haven't even gotten to the first *Real* chapter yet, and I've already fallen in love. So thank you. Thank you very much! (PS. Virgo is so better than Gemini. No questions asked ;))

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