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8/27/2015 c1 Guest
This was AMAZING! Even though this doesn't seem like something that is picture the Solana in my head doing, I like this one a lot.
5/5/2008 c1 48Miss Mysty
You're right; there DO need to be more Pokemon Ranger fics. If you're interested, I do have one :P

This was pretty good, though! You do, however, seem to have an issue with capitilizing Plusle (yes, it is capitilized; Pokemon species are considered proper names, I guess).
6/5/2007 c1 3Benji The Hunter
Can't remember where I found this story, but it is very well written. I'm not very familiar with Pokemon Ranger, but you've made it possible for someone new to the concept to understand it. Well done! I look forward to reading more from you.

"It is better to be a Hunter than to be hunted."
2/18/2007 c1 3Sasuki234
this story is good. You've inspired me to write a pokemon ranger fanfic. thank you! maybe you should write another one.
12/18/2006 c1 2NopeZone
Whe! I finnaly found a Pokemon Ranger fanfic!

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