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1/27/2007 c2 13Akseel
Ah, I forgot to add this story to my story alert list, so I didn't notice another chapter was up. Thanks a lot for your compliments on my story - I'm trying my best, but really, your English is much better than mine. I love your writing style, when I started reading this chapter I couldn't have stopped had I wanted to. You guys got me hooked, and I really wonder what is going to happen. Plus, you got the characterization really great. Barbossa is a complex character, isn't he ? And in the first chapters, the parts about Jack made him look exactly as in the movie, with all the gesticulation and affectation and all. It's a lot of fun to read.

Bootstrap must be hard and easy to write at the same time, because so little is told about him in the movie... One thing's sure, he's a loving father and compassionate man. I think he goes along with Jack pretty well.

This story's great, I'm really looking forward to chapter three (and this time I'll know when it's up with the alert stuff), so keep writing !
12/21/2006 c1 Akseel
Hey, interesting storyline here (that's the first story set woth Barbossa as first mate I ever read... okay, I don't read that much PotC fanfiction, but still...) however, what stroke me most in this chapter is the quality of the language. You don't really need a beta-reader (unless you already had one check this story). To me it sounds almost poetic. Love the descriptions. And Jack is well in character (I always have trouble depicting him because he's... well... unique, let's say). At any rate, good job.

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