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6/1/2008 c1 54Martin III
Poor Fia and Ein! They really get the worst of it, don't they?

This is a terrific story. You set the scene beautifully, with all the characters just where one would expect them to be. Lina and Serene's competition getting out of hand at Ein's expense fits with the characters, yet Ein's getting trapped by the snowball is hilariously unexpected.

Fia's perspective is delightfully captured, and you wisely kept her concern for Ein in the forefront of the situation. Her getting sick from taking too much care of him is especially cute. The accidental kiss is an overused contrivance, but you write it perfectly. And the ambiguous reference to an "early gift" makes a perfect ending.

Throughout, your writing is wonderful. I loved the subtlety of "she was hearing a soft breeze, her grandfather humming, people screaming, some birds chirping…", and discerning narrative notes such as "Unfortunately, she forgot to add Ein’s strange luck to the equation." work surprisingly well.

So when are you going to get around to putting up that sequel to "A Dance in the Moonlight"? Come on, it's been over a year...
4/25/2008 c1 77Aquatic-Idealist
Seriously, you're quite skilled at fluff. Very, very nice, as usual.
1/14/2007 c1 10SaoirseSpeir
HAH! Ooh, I can just imagine thier faces, especially Ein's! At least he didn't scream and run away. Which is good, because I think Fia is the best girl for him. D
1/12/2007 c1 20Strawberry Eggs
You know what's stragne? Recently I've become extremely lazy in my fic reading. I've even missed reading fic by, quite literally, my most favorite fanfic Author (i'm not saying who it is in case she/he is reading this XD), yet for some reason I was compelled to come here. As luck would have it, I found another one of your Ein/Fia stories. :)

I thought this was incredibly adorable. Just another winter in Elindia, Fia daydreaming about Ein under the Mistletoe, the guy in question comes tumbling down, other stuff happens and *smooch*! X3 Too bad Ein's clueless XD

There were more than a few grammer errors, but they were minor. Overall, I really enjoyed reading this. I'll keep an eye out fo the "A Dance in Moonlight" sequel.
12/24/2006 c1 2Freedom Kira

Wow, it's been a while, hasn't it? Your writing is still commendable, keeping in mind, of course, that English is your... second language? Anyway, that's not the point XD

Okay, I should help a bit with the grammar. I'll use examples.

"Fia wondered where was Ein while..." This sounds slightly awkward. Instead, say "Fia wondered where Ein was while...". Since the thought is not "direct," the second sentence is less awkward.

"'Hello Fia. Is it me or the world is rolling?'" Again, this sounds a bit awkward, because the "is" should come before "the world", as in "Is it me or is the world rolling?"

Small things, yes, but small things do make a difference, even if the difference is small XD. I do that sometimes too, admittedly XD. Oh, and like someone else said, it's snowmen, not snowmans =P

"A tomato would be jealous of Fia at the moment." Awesome line! You should trademark it or something =D

"Lips-locked"... Hm, I haven't seen that before. I think it's either "liplocked" or "lip-locked." My money's on the first one XD

Anyway, don't get me wrong. I absolutely love your work =D. I'll be sure to review "A Wedding in White" when that comes out ^.^ . Great story as usual, and I hope to see more of your work! I haven't updated my own story for a couple months now. I hope I can get to work on it sometime during my break .


Freedom Kira
12/20/2006 c1 5Shippostail
aw this is adorable!
12/20/2006 c1 30Herr Wozzeck
This was funny. Classic cartoon take on Riviera, with a couple of other things thrown in.

"Damn you!" (throws tissue box)

Yeah. I guess that's all I can say (even though its snowmen, not snowmans).
12/20/2006 c1 Lord Rasler
Yeah XD snowmen ROCK...well not for ein antway^-^ that was a sweet and awesome oneshot, and i really can't wait to finally post my first fic in 2...YES, 2 days XD so if you could be so kind, would you review XD anyway, your fic skills are one to be admired, SO FEEL HONORED THE LORD DIMS YOU WORTHY XD
12/19/2006 c1 sadf



i thought you died...
12/19/2006 c1 10Biggoron
Well, it sure has been awhile since you've written... I've missed your writing. Back from the days where I first started Fanfiction... well, that's definitely a trip down memory lane. Anyways, as I expected, this was another great piece of writing. Good luck with that contest you talked about, and please write that new fic soon... I'll be sure to read it.

12/19/2006 c1 6Einheriar
Pretty funny. A few small grammar errors here and there, but nothing big.
12/19/2006 c1 26Heian Edenwood
hehe... i really enjoyed reading this fic. it cracked me up. XD

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