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11/11/2007 c22 24stubbornheroine
Yuuna is really really stupid! I hope I wouldn't hate chap 25 very much. Nice idea about the Haumea jewel-I wonder if Cagalli will eventually give it to Athrun...hope you'll update soon.
11/11/2007 c22 AnyBalladWillDo
Keep on writing, this is great! *Worries about Chapter 25* *death glare*
11/11/2007 c22 Kira
Nice chapter!

I absolutely loved the Shinn and Stellar moments! Oh, it's just like Cagalli to attack someone! Heck, I'd attack him, also! Also, I wasn't expecting Shiho to be a princess. That suprised me. I liked that you included a flashback into Shinn's past. It was interesting. Though, will you be doing that for the others?

Chapter 25? You've got me kinda worried! Ack, will it really be that bad?
11/11/2007 c22 12xSweetEternityx
Yay! I loved it very much! Especially the Athrun Cagalli fluff that was here as well! Haha.. Cagalli can't say his name completely.. that's quite funny.. oh well, he does have a pretty cool name! Anyway, I can't wait til your next update... plz update soon, okay?
11/11/2007 c22 for3st snow
hehehe^^ Athrun wans cagalli to call him by his first name^^love that!
11/11/2007 c22 10Devils Anarchist
I was so depressed last week when you didn't up-date. i was like...OMG. But then you did. I can't wait to see what happens in chapter 23. When will Athrun and Cagalli get closer? Will Steller die in chapter 25 where you said we will hate you for it. Or will Athrun find out who Cagalli really is? and will he hurt her slightly? I don't know, and will Athrun meet Kira before they go to Orb?

And what will happen to Cagalli when they actually get to orb? Will Athrun find out her true identity there? or before then.

I have so many questions!

Omg...i can't wait to see what happens next.
11/11/2007 c22 6Cour des Miracles
Very good, omg Yuuna cracks me up! he reminds me of a guy i know, he thinks hes all that and that everyone has to do what he says so i punched him in the face, got a week of detention on my not-so-clean permanent record but it was worth it...

bye byes and good luck

p.s. update soon pwease
11/11/2007 c22 Shaileen
love the story but after 22 chapters would love seeing a stolen kiss or so

please update soon
11/11/2007 c22 8Hades.Throne.Heiress
Second time Cagalli's been called his woman =) That's interesting, I almost forgot Yzak called her that... I wonder why she was crying though...

Stellar and Shinn's moment was cute and funny, especially the "you" part, she's too innocent that she doesn't even realize that he's getting stuffy in the sack.

Update soon =) With maybe more of Stellar and Yunna's stupidness... but seriously, they gave up a city/country thing just because of Yunna and his sorry excuse of a life. =)
11/11/2007 c22 jess
I LUV tis chapter SO MUCH! it was AWSOME! tis story keeps gettin BETTER and BETTER! u r an AWSOME writer!
11/11/2007 c22 2InOcEnT-schoolgirl
wow that was good!

Nice and long too- yay!

well i'm definitely thinking about spagetti right now... but it's in the morning before school at the moment so... yeah not gonna happen


that was a good chapter- poor shin...

lol- typical cagalli... that sent me tears of laughter


and there was even a small athrun cagalli 'moment'

not sure when the last one of them was...?

well update real soon kay?

good luck

11/11/2007 c22 2Wiz-chan
You know I love your history!

I want to read chap 25 :D

and I wont hate you xD!

Plz continue ;D!

Bye Bye
11/11/2007 c22 me
mou... i want the spaghetti too~
11/11/2007 c21 me
Shiho's a princess? nice :)

Nice chapter really nice. I am anticipating for the next chapters. hehe

Good Luck on your next sem~
11/11/2007 c22 kiralulu
I like this story very much.. please update soon.. ganbatte..^o^
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