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10/20/2007 c21 Kandida
Shiho has arrived!

I recognized that story has been slow recently. Maybe you should pace up the story a bit?
10/20/2007 c1 me
oh why was Cagalli blushing?

What happened when athrun and cagalli woke up(from chapter 20)? hehe i really liked those parts and the way you wrote them. the pacing is just right.

Um, how did lady shiho knew lt. joule's name? it wasn't mentioned that shiho heard lt. joule's first name. Does shiho know yzak?

anyway, more power to you~ ^-^
10/20/2007 c21 BitterBirch
woah, man, whoah. fantastic, in a way. but disappointing too. hmm. contradicting statements again.

it was really, really good. but is shiho really supposed to be an enemy or something? oh, i know. maybe she gets saved by yzak sometime. hahah. that would be fun. oh, and cant kira come back in the picture for some reason? can wait for the next chap!
10/20/2007 c21 5Milleniumgirlie
Nice... hurry for the next chap! although I've been wondering what happened when Cagalli and Athrun woke up...
10/20/2007 c21 me
"Gosh, these chaps are getting long. I tried cutting it up but... oh well. Hm, this, compared with the rest of this fic, is supposed to be funny. I suck at comedy, so i hope my attempt this time would be successful. Enjoy. This time, I MEAN IT."

I did. (^-^)

very much.
10/19/2007 c21 Minatsuki
we!~ thanks so much for the update! ahahahha! shiho so funny! =)) waiting for you next update!
10/19/2007 c21 gallimaufri
“Noble? Grand? Spectacular?” Yzak burst. “Spectacularly stupid, that is!”

Okay, that made my day.

Athrun really is quite naive isn't he. How could he possibly not suspect a thing!

Great Chapter yet again.

I look forward to the next one!
10/19/2007 c21 3jaeriaxabielle
ahaha! we finally meet shiho! now... who's next?
10/19/2007 c21 yutakalamia
LOL that was funny. I love Yzak. No matter what he does, he never fails to amuse me. Glad he met Shiho though. I guess she doesn't know who Cagalli is, hm... Kind of feel sorry for Athrun; he puts so much trust in Cagalli (on the outside, anyway). It's going to totally backfire when he finds out she's Orb's Princess.
10/19/2007 c21 Kate
thanks for the update :)
10/18/2007 c20 29Nagasasu
Argh, my entire review just got erased. Stupid internet browser.

OMG, did Athrun and Cagalli just have sex? Not that I'm trying to play God with your story, but I just dont' think that their relationship is developed enough for something like that. I really want to believe they only slept.

I didn't really understand the beginning interlude, but it's been awhile since I've seen GS or GSD (first impression I was thinking Dulindal and that cptn from GSD). Athrun's backstory makes me happy. The tortune scene was well-done; Athrun's change of character was believable, not an easy feat. Also, the part where Athrun says, "I'm a pretty good actor," completely broke my heart (also, I thought it's a phrase with loaded words because it can double as a reference to Athrun's character and role throughout the plot. . .). It's just like him (or any other child) to do that for his mom.

Finally, I loved everyone's reactions to seeing them in the morning. Makes me smile. Off to read the next chapter!
10/18/2007 c21 10Devils Anarchist
Shiho...is kinda crazy much. Anyways awsome chapter. so does Yuuna know who Cagalli is or not? If he does...this could get interesting...it could mean trouble for the poor blonde.
10/18/2007 c21 InOcEnT-schoolgirl
Way cool! god Yuuna is such a pig- lol

and yzak was just as much to blame if not more for that whole incident

Athrun looking like a girl! who does he think he is! I'm with shinn on that one (for once) lol

well update real soon and you were wrong it was real funny =D

keep it up
10/18/2007 c21 40Nara Merald
Oh! Yzak and Shiho! I loved the whole 'Yuna' section, and can't wait to see Yuna's realisation that Athrun was... well Athrun!
10/18/2007 c21 8Hades.Throne.Heiress
It's just like the series, the Orb soldiers were all just waiting to give Yunna a couple dozen bruises...

I wonder if Cagalli knows Yunna... and if she's going to meet him here with Athrun...

But now I think that Yzak's even more suspicious with Cagalli, especially when Ahmed said Prince-something...

Update soon =)
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