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10/18/2007 c21 InOcEnT-schoolgirl
Way cool! god Yuuna is such a pig- lol

and yzak was just as much to blame if not more for that whole incident

Athrun looking like a girl! who does he think he is! I'm with shinn on that one (for once) lol

well update real soon and you were wrong it was real funny =D

keep it up
10/18/2007 c21 40Nara Merald
Oh! Yzak and Shiho! I loved the whole 'Yuna' section, and can't wait to see Yuna's realisation that Athrun was... well Athrun!
10/18/2007 c21 8Hades.Throne.Heiress
It's just like the series, the Orb soldiers were all just waiting to give Yunna a couple dozen bruises...

I wonder if Cagalli knows Yunna... and if she's going to meet him here with Athrun...

But now I think that Yzak's even more suspicious with Cagalli, especially when Ahmed said Prince-something...

Update soon =)
10/18/2007 c21 jess
10/18/2007 c21 for3st snow
HAHAHA!i was giggling to myself and my friends thought i was crazy...==

great chapter(as always) lukin forward to the nex one^^
10/18/2007 c21 2Commedia
(Screams of hysterical laughter) normal yuuna makes me want to kill him. i don't know how it's possible, but you made him even more annoying. it's a good thing cagalli didn't tell athrun what he looks like when he's asleep. (more screams of hysterical laughter)
10/18/2007 c21 neko
i love your LONG chapters, just don't change a thing...

I am dying for more athrun x cag , thanks to Yzak we got some tips...

Please update as soon as you can , this story rocked my day
10/18/2007 c1 3nii-blueberryfreak
Wow... so amazing hahaa...

Good opening scene! :D
10/18/2007 c21 Lise
yeah! another chappie! Very nicely done. I liked it a lot. I'm especially happen that you included Shiho in the story. Is she and Yzak going to be a couple, or is she some sort of assassin bound to kill him? interesting...hum...oh well. I'll be waiting for you're next update! Thnx =)
10/18/2007 c21 4SamuraiGirl7
YAY! *smiles happily* Another chapter was posted! ^_^ As usual this was a nice chapter. I enjoyed reading something lighter and a little on the fun side.

Keep it up!

~Samurai Girl
10/17/2007 c20 skylie
Great job as usual! I reread all the chapters you wrote so far to kill time until your next update ^_^ I agree that the story is much more realistic with Cagalli and Athrun not falling in love until they really get to know one another (I get the sense that Athrun might be falling for her already but doesn't realize it quite yet). The beginning part of the chapter was dark and as usual, well written...wonder who you "casted" as the Lord and the Lady...although, since you mentioned Rey, I have a slight idea :D...looking forward to the next chapter and eager to see how the plot develops.
10/11/2007 c20 gallimaufri
I agree with denden-chan.

This story is really good & really in depth.

& Even though the rate that Cagalli & Athrun are going is really slow, the story shows events that build up their relationship from mere acquantainces to something more. And these events tie in to the fact that there is a war in the midst, and not some unbelievable other thing. Props to you.
10/10/2007 c15 3Cagalli Cross
This has got to be the best chapter so far. But I am only saying that because Cagalli just beat Athrun in the mock brawl. I really enjoy reading your story; it is one of my favourites. Well, I am off to read the next chapter. Hope it is as good as this one was. Keep up the good work!
10/10/2007 c20 conspiratory
Scenes that delineate a mortal's truest horrors, of an intermingling sense of consternation and passionate anguish, form the centerpiece of the story. Perhaps glimpses of the past neither constitute the plotline of the work, nor play a significant role in the disentanglement of tension and resolution, and yet oftentimes, of every depiction embedded within a literary piece, these sketches of a character's unrepressed reality define both the genuine nature of the work and the credibility of its writer. They instill something within us, as onlookers, that sets us apart from that of the other personnages in a story, as we observe them from another dimension. We become more comprehensive and learn to relay what we have learned, through these flashbacks, to what we will learn, and become able to uncover symbolic significance in the character's future actions. Brought upon fervently enough, these portrayals are ultimately what allow literature to perpetuate through time.

I believe that one would find something missing within themselves, in neglecting to read a scene as crucial as such. I, for one, enjoyed it completely, and find it reminiscent of cinematography depicting the Ancient World.
10/9/2007 c20 me
I love you~~!

this is a really GOOD+ story~~ *contented sigh*


keep up the good work~!
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