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10/7/2007 c19 29Nagasasu
I'm really curious as to who the lieutenant's coat belonged to. Should I know who he is? And the whole bit with Athrun dreaming was SO adorable. And now I will get to reading the next chapter...
10/7/2007 c19 Lackadaisycal
Oh! A chapter on Athrun's past. Poor Lenore. Bad Patrick. He should go die. =( Poop. LOL! I love this Asucaga in this chapter. It was cute. You're an awesome writer. Yep. =) I'm really looking forward to the next chapter! =D
10/7/2007 c19 5Milleniumgirlie
this is nice...
10/6/2007 c19 for3st snow
nice ploy!kinda reminds me of lord of the rings though...

but really good job overall!pls update soon^^
10/3/2007 c19 4SakuraHiraHira
I love your story... it was quite complicated but i love the way you deliver it... good work... and please update soon
10/3/2007 c19 2cagalliyulathha
Yikes...I hate his father already...okay I can't hate him ^^" sight except of Meer I can see the good in anyone maybe the man had his reasons ^^ ...ne?-_-"
10/2/2007 c19 2Wiz-chan
Did you missed me?

so long no see!

I love this new chapter!

I can't think what will happen when they atack orb!

Well a short review!

love you!

10/2/2007 c19 1jaeriaxabielle
aww... a really -not so sweet- but nice moment between cagali and athrun!
10/1/2007 c19 Jill
Great update hopeing for more soon :)
10/1/2007 c19 meg
nya~so cute
10/1/2007 c19 jess
10/1/2007 c19 8Hades.Throne.Heiress
=) Athrun's cool! He's amazing, but a helmet so heavy is just freaky ... =|

'“Bee stings are painful.”

“They are? Oh yes, they are. I forgot. Sorry.”'

Was funny. How Athrun "forgot" that bee stings hurt =)

Update soon =)
10/1/2007 c19 4SamuraiGirl7
Wow, so Cagalli actually managed to drag Athrun back to bed eh? Go Cagalli!

This was a good chapter with many different things laced within. I am really looking forward to the next chapter and the explaination of the scars on his back. ^_^

~Samurai Girl
10/1/2007 c19 skylie
Awesome chapter! Happy to know that the next one is almost ready and will be up soon ^_^

Hmm...I'm interested in knowing more about Queen Lenore's death but I guess you'll share with us when the time comes! Also anxious to see what role Heine might play...I guess we'll find out eventually (hopefully).

PS. I don't mind the long chapters...in fact, I really hate it when the chapter ends!
10/1/2007 c19 Kandida
Yeah! I reviewed as once as I finished reading!

Thabk you for updating this brilliant fic!

When will Athrun knows Cagali si the princess XD~!
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