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for Bloodline kinjutsu

1/29/2020 c2 Ayden
I think I'm reading this late but I was wondering if he is still going to learn how to use his hidden bloodline technique?
9/13/2017 c4 1Plasma Dragon 312
That hair was from assume wasn't it? Or maybe his dad or mom ave a distant cousin that was an Uchiha.
3/2/2017 c10 4Monster King
Great story I really liked it a shame that it looks like you gave up on it.
10/15/2015 c2 kabs9000
10/15/2015 c1 kabs9000
Very nice
12/30/2014 c6 Guest
12/9/2014 c10 13yukicrewger2
Anko for the trainer

and for the mental disorder, that would be the Dissociative identity disorder, with the sub category of Double Consciousness in particular
12/9/2014 c2 yukicrewger2
it seems Naruto's sharingan lost the perfect memory ability of the sharingan. I wonder what his version got instead.
9/22/2014 c4 Guest
Thank you. Finally a good story without bashing. That's all anybody can ask for.
5/27/2014 c1 Guest
Bitch please.
Bloodline theft in the scroll? That's the epitome of stupid.
Even if, no... I don't have time to explain just how stupid that is.
4/18/2014 c10 TEAM SasuNaruHina
contuie please
5/6/2013 c2 Axcel
Do overpowered clones that might as well be the counter to Pein's paths count as a clan jutsu?
5/6/2013 c2 Axcel
If naruto now absorbes tsunade's dna (from hair or dead skin) that would give him mokuton (cus of his jutsu) and the Rinnegan. Remember, uchiha dna senju dna rinnegan and the sage's chakra, says obito/tobi in the manga.
12/8/2012 c3 Anime Fan 295647
8/20/2011 c1 2Clove15
Go! naruto go!
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