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for Dog With A Bone

10/19/2012 c3 Guest
7/11/2012 c10 Lady of love
This is such an awesome story! Please continue becuz i swear this is one of the best stories i hav read in. Awhile!
6/26/2009 c10 1BABY BB
write more please please please please
3/17/2009 c10 music.softball.books
wow this is good. like really good. one of the best Bone's fics i've read.
2/1/2009 c10 4Butterzz
Don't ever ask the question "Are you Still interested in the story?" It's gorgeos and i love it. you need to go on as quicka as possible because if i read a story and really like it but can't finish it, i get really furious and angry so please just go on with it. Even if it was a little chapter. It is really great and i really wanna know if Brennan's new novel was actually about Booth and her. PLEASE!

2/1/2009 c3 Butterzz
okay, I love the story and I know how it is when you don't really know where your story is going but it's okay. You're gonna find an ending for it. Trust me. I'm new to this website and haven't wrote any stories yet but I will start soon. I actually started one but not on fanfiction. Anyways, I think that Brennan and Booth should get together when they are looking for the murderer of the 20-25 ear old female victima and he catches them and forces them to give him the password of the FBI computer system when Booth refuses, he torture's him but he still doesn't say a word. Then when the murderer wants to hurt Brennan, Booth tells him the password just to protect her. He keeps her just incase the password was wrong and he uses the password to shut down every FBI computer so they can't haunt him without their system.

I know i'm not that good at writing stories but i'm just trying to help you so evn if you don't like this idea, i wouldn't mind. It's fine. I'm just helping.


and really, the story is great and I love the T.V. show bones so much!
1/30/2009 c4 33Miss Whoniverse
Okay, you write well enough, but something that gets up my goat about Bones writers is they ALL say 'do not' in place of 'don't', or 'will not' for 'wont' or 'did not' 'didn't' when they are writing Dr Brennan speaking or thinking.

She doesn't actually talk like that!

She speaks normally but with non-simplified scientific reasonings in place of things like

'the copse was rotting so much she was probably there a few days.' It becomes 'the degree of decomposition of the victim's body suggests they've been dead for approximately three days...'

'White chick, in her twenties' vs 'caucasian female between the ages of twenty and thirty years of age...'.

'There was dust on her that Hodgins reckons is gravel dust,' vs 'particulates found on the body suggest that at the time of death our victim was somewhere gravelly.'

I wish people didn't mess it up, it just makes a good fic frustrating to read. If you picture an episode where they're talking, it doesn't sound so formal except when they're 'squint'ing. Sorry to rant, it just annoys me... ^.^
12/18/2008 c10 1savvyjewel7
this story is good! please update, i love it! :)

1/27/2008 c9 6m.isles
A great story, I hope you continue it soon

GL xx
1/20/2008 c10 24HawkAngel XD
really good fic... update soon please

12/22/2007 c10 10VampirateLycan
Yeah, I like it so please continue, furthermore English fish and chips, not that good. I should know, I am english. I prefer Burger King. hehe. I also prefer pancakes but I'm strange like that.

Oh well, please update soon.
8/16/2007 c10 1DragonRose78
Please, please, please keep writing. It's just geeting to the good part, not to say that any of the other chapys aren't good. X) I for one like the whole Pocahontas thing. ^_^ Of course the whole B/B is a plus. lol Just kidding! So, please, please, please keep writing!


Deb ^_-
7/14/2007 c10 6chocolatefan
O come on! You've got to go on! Please I would love to read more On to chapter 11? ;)
7/2/2007 c10 Leena7
SO the count down till Booth jumps "his" Bones contines.
7/2/2007 c10 2Rzappa
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