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6/25/2001 c1 9Tracy Winston
I loved this story! Keep up the great work and continue writing! Don't let a talent like this go to waste
6/25/2001 c1 Faith O'Shauntasy
hey, that was a really good story. I first thought you'd made it too choppy, not explaining stuff and all, but then the end where it was just a story ... that was so cute. I don't think you went out of character at all ... The sexual tension between Max and Logan's been there since practically the first episode so the writers have to want them to get together at some point. I really liked your fic, it was so sweet! ^_^
6/25/2001 c1 philippians4v8hotmail.com
Wow, I really like how you ended this one. Excellent
6/25/2001 c1 2BlueMoonRain
Awwww, that was so sweet. I loved it when OC poured the coke on Valerie's head. Don't worry about them being out of character, like you said its your story. I really enjoyed it.
6/25/2001 c1 anonymoususer99
I liked it. It was a nice change. :)
6/25/2001 c1 Nautica7mk
What interesting turn of events. I love this story. It is so creatively done. I love the whole "She's All That" kind-of-vibe. I couldn't help but smile throughout the entire story, and in the end, I was like Oh-Mi-God! What a TWIST! Great Job.
6/25/2001 c1 Zanna
This is so cute! I was entirely willing to accept this as an alternate universe type story that had nothing to do with the show, and enjoying it as such, and then you added that surprise ending. Bravo! Extra points for the sly ending. I hope you get over your writer's block with your other story, "Changing the Past". I've been keeping tabs on it, too, and I want to know what happens next.
6/24/2001 c1 Melissa19
ommmmmmmmgggggggg! that was AWESOME! i liked the way you related it to the real world at the end...cuz yall know once the dark angel dry spell ends...they'z gonna hook up! and have kids! but my only issue is the name? annabelle? aint that bruno's kid's name? wouldn't that be unhappy issues? ah..maybe its just me! but the story was great
6/24/2001 c1 3angel gurl
Out of character can be good! This was such a sweet story! And when Cindy dumped coke on Valerie's head was too funny!
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