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for Filled With a Strange, Sweet Sound

5/22/2019 c2 46Starwatcher2018
When POTO was popular here in LA, Music of the Night was the song to hear. I had purchased tickets to see the show with my husband for his birthday, but when he found out Michael Crawford had left the show, he refused to see it. I swore off POTO after that - in 1991.

Last November (2018), they did a group dance (waltz) to the theme and I was hooked. One of my FB friends sent me the CD of Ramin singing Till I Hear You Sing Again and Sierra singing Love Never Dies. I loved their voices and checked out some scenes of LND on You Tube -hated Ben and Anna. Then I found the POTO25 version of the Final Lair before it was taken down. Bought the DVD and I was hooked.

Your reminiscence is similar, in that, hearing the song - the uniqueness of it - then the entire concept got me started.
12/20/2006 c2 2Gerikslover

can you say the entire story of my life?

this is good!

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