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1/31 c1 Guest
Sam doesn’t give a flying a fiddle about Dean. Exhibit A: sneaking out with Ruby after Dean returns from H*** Exhibit B: Sam calling Dean weak after his return from H*** then strangling Dean Exhibit C: Sam disregards Dean’s warning of not working with Ruby-ends in Sam starting apocalypse and freeing devil (who Sam is actually) Exhibit D: Sam never apologizes to Dean for strangling him Exhibit E: Sam lets Dean be kidnapped by fairies abs turned into a vampire for personal gain(being Souless is not an excuse since right and wrong and a conscience is taught, not an innate part of the soul) Exhibit F: Sam requires Dean’s support after return from the cage-yet Sam did not give Dean any support after Dean’s return. Exhibit G:Sam works with BMOL behind Dean’s back even though Dean warns him not to Exhibit F 2.0- Sam never learns from his bad choices and repeats them Exhibit G: Sam makes no effort to confirm Dean is dead and thus leaves Dean in Purgatory and abandons Kevin. Plenty more evidence but if y’all don’t understand by now, then y’all aren’t worth teaching what behavior is unforgivable.
12/26/2018 c10 35borgmama1of5
Just finished this tonight, and what a ride!

First, you had the tension between the boys just right for that time frame, and you had their inner voices down really well. It hurt (in a good way) to read how they weren't able to communicate, and in particular, Dean's pain was tangible and believable both the present and in the past. Sam's leaving tore a hole in me as much as it did in Dean, even though I knew it would resolve.

The story itself was riveting, weaving between the 2 time frames, building the tension and then blowing it open in 2 separate climaxes.

Really loved this one, putting it in my favorites!
6/11/2018 c10 Kathy
what an intense story full of action, emotion, angst, pain, feelings, understandings and great writing, hope you still keep writing and sharing, thank you
6/10/2018 c9 Kathy
Past and present, both so intense, omg such angst with Dam trying to save Toad, then so heartbreaking when Sam left, yes it totally could have happened like this, yetwe wonder if only Dean had gone to, how much better that could have been for both of them, yet sigh, we know from the series it didn't happen that way, yet maybe we eudh it would have, great writing, thank you
6/7/2018 c2 Kathy
really enjoyed reading this chapter, loved the almost absurdity of the scene from Toad's point of view and Sam's unspoken thoughts, really good writing, thank you
5/18/2018 c10 ngregory763
What an amazing journey you brought us on for this one, just fantastic! You are so gifted at tying in past with present, a wizard even. You should know that I should have been working for the past hour, but I was at the end and couldn't put this down...my own private addiction this was.
6/23/2017 c8 MelissaBeth74
Man. Oh man. So I've moved through this one a lot slower than the others (going in order of publish date by the way) because of all the feeeeeeeeeeelings. Part of me wants to just stop so I don't have the feeeelings but Jesus, I know that's not an option. So, to the end forthwith! Posthaste! If I can, you know, rip that bandaid off but I'll be honest...don't hold your breath. Because all the feeeeeeelings. Man the seasons when tensions were highest (who the hell am I kidding, angst and tension remained high and remains high), starting around hereabouts, the splits, where they are so at odds actually hurt. So this hurts. I hope that makes sense. I'm so childish I want my fiction to be all feely and angsty but then, the happy ending, because then it's just too much like real life.
It's a testament to you skill as a writer, all these feelings I'm having. Because art is supposed to make you feel shit. And damn the feelings!
Some stories from you with the boys in current times would be pretty super rad.
7/28/2016 c6 waitingforAslan
Oh, my! Your paragraph about Sam thinking Dean would like California and imagining jobs for him hurt my heart - partly because I'm glad Sam was actually thinking about Dean but also because it's so poignant and childish and he KNOWS it. He KNOWS it's impossible.
6/14/2016 c10 4Freya922
Bravo - stupendous fic, so nuanced and satisfying. You are an incredibly talented writer!
6/9/2016 c8 Freya922
OMG, terrific chapter! I was in agony as that last scene played out... How brilliant to work this tragedy into the story, to make it underlie the break we know is coming.
6/7/2016 c7 Freya922
I'm enjoying this immensely. The tension woven between the narratives of past and present have my stomach in knots. The notion of digging up unrotted bodies, of dragging them into the water's rush...eek! Meanwhile, Billie is terrifying, especially with both boys so vulnerable, though in different ways.
5/29/2016 c6 Freya922
This is so damn good. The ghost story, the devastation of the post Crossroad Blues period, the depth of understanding, of empathy for both boys, but especially for Sam, so trapped, so gifted but only in a way deemed useless in their tight, claustrophobic family... You make it so clear that the attraction to Elise is bound up with the fact she sees him as special in a good way, and the emotional blow when he met the husband and baby - so powerful. The layers bedazzle me, as does the originality, deliciousness of just the words... Loved this line, for example: "Throwing shit back at him Rhesus monkey random, messy and aimless." You make so concrete all the subterranean feelings, dynamics.
5/25/2016 c3 Freya922
Fantastic mix of tension building as the plot thickens, but also humor: "What a bunch of fucking morons. We're dealing with moron ghosts, Sammy."

Sam and Dean are so perfect I can HEAR the dialogue. Loving it.
5/22/2016 c2 Freya922
Brilliant chapter - especially the scene where a bloody Dean and John return to find Sam stitching up Toad's lip. It so perfectly encapsulates how messed up Sam's existence is, to have that outsider's gaze on their apartment and themselves in such a state.
5/21/2016 c1 Freya922
Oh, brilliant set up. You have me totally intrigued, hooked! The plot has not only captured me already, but just your words, the gorgeous descriptions, spot on characterizations. I can tell I'm going to savor every bit of this story...
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