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7/21/2018 c18 dragionking
more plz
2/25/2009 c17 3Hakkyou no Yami
well I've read all of your stories and with all honesty I say this is the best one you've written please try and update soon.
6/6/2008 c2 2Static1218
Ei Ei. Good Story. Just wanna say, It's HIBIKI with a capital B.^^
4/2/2008 c3 5Narc626
this is pretty cool. gundread. that is awsome.
3/30/2008 c1 Narc626
This sounds like it is getting good.
3/8/2008 c17 Knives91
Yeah this is going to get ugly. Fast. Oh and girls, please don't slaughter the author. We need him to finish the story. Hey, maybe if you're really good, he'll give Hero back to you.

Good work. More please.
1/18/2008 c16 Knives91
Just one thing:your spelling needs work. Big time. This isn't an insult, but it kind of takes away from the story when the word police is put in place of please...

Other than that, good stuff. The ninja demands more.
1/17/2008 c16 2Ken Wise
Aw no more self sacfrificing stories.
1/17/2008 c16 Waves Of Eternal Doom
If you killed heero his wives are gonna chase you down lol. Now the nirvanna is gonna have two depressed women on board. So lets see, Heero is possibly dead and Duo is currently out of action as well. Not a good time for pilots from After colony. Trowa should be carefull
1/16/2008 c16 slimjim27
You Killed Heero YOU BASTARD! ...lol
1/3/2008 c15 1v2
hi great chapter hell great fic and for flay getting togethet with kira i say YES and for the vote for cagalli and lacus i vote YES for both getting back together and an uphill battle but flay stays with kira no matter what along with jura and ezra too oh and add ezra's wive too and if your talkinf about the spacestation in the vandread world her name is lize i have the all the episodes of vandread on dvd so if you need halp just ask me and i will do my best bye. 1v2
12/23/2007 c15 Knives91
Good stuff. Keep at it.
12/15/2007 c15 2HeavyarmsBuster-01

Until Then, Rock On and Sieg Zeon!

Live Long and Prosper!

12/14/2007 c15 Waves Of Eternal Doom
And it is on the move again. So much for the Gaia being a threat at all. If you start that petion I want to sign it so please provide a link
12/14/2007 c15 1Infinite Freedom
I completely agree with you on the Another Century Episode games. Where is the petition?
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