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for A Minor Setback Sequel to Just What She Needs

7/6/2008 c18 JohnnyStormsGirl
i love this story
10/3/2007 c18 6AdicTnLust
That was cute. For sure. Good, Good!
5/15/2007 c18 20Pinayprincesa
Aw! Randy and Ali are gonna be great parents ^_^
5/6/2007 c18 2NudeFitsLipsandPumps
Good chapter. I'm glad they got married. Randy seemed so excited when she told showed him the picture frame. That's a nice way to tell someone that they're gonna be a dad. Good job with this story. I really liked it.
4/27/2007 c17 4SnowAngel2009
i love where this is going so far do keep up the good work
4/26/2007 c17 2NudeFitsLipsandPumps
Good chapter. I loved it. I can't wait for the final chapter. :)
4/16/2007 c16 NudeFitsLipsandPumps
Awe, they just make a wonderful couple. I can't wait for their wedding. They're just perfect for each other. I like the longer chapters, wink, wink, lol, kidding. Update soon. :)
4/2/2007 c15 Cena07
awesome story! any update coming soon?
3/29/2007 c13 20Pinayprincesa
Aw How Cute!
3/27/2007 c14 Pinayprincesa
LOL!:P Uh oh Randy will b busted when he realizes he just hung up on his own mother!
3/11/2007 c13 1Ctinaisfashion
aw that was so sweet of him to surprise her with a date like that.
3/11/2007 c13 2NudeFitsLipsandPumps
I liked the chapter a lot. Ali and Randy are the cutest couple ever. I can't wait for the next chapter. Have fun on your vacation. :)
3/4/2007 c12 20Pinayprincesa
Randy and Ali make a perfect couple ^_^
3/2/2007 c12 1Ctinaisfashion
hey lets get it on, aw babe. lets get it on.
2/22/2007 c11 Ctinaisfashion
yay you wrote more. it was good. i thought you might have randy be there with her, but i cant wait until shes a diva and fighting kate
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