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4/14/2010 c7 9Evila
omg, love the story, when the hat first talked to her, I thought it was Dumbeldore talking, I was like WTF? when it said

"I could never talk to people in their mind without sitting on their head. Are you doing this?"
1/3/2010 c8 1Snow Vike
wow...Wow...WOW! You have got to continue. One quick question, is the hell child a demon or a bogart? Please update soon!
12/12/2009 c8 Star
Come on and post ch. 9!
12/2/2009 c8 Deep throat
This was great i thoroughly enjoy reading this story. I love how your crossing the worlds this way i cant wait to see how this progresses keep going!
12/2/2009 c4 Anonymous
Ive been reading these without reviewing whoops. I think these are very good the way it was started sounds very familiar but its different so it makes it unique and enjoyable. Im going to keep reading this as long as you update it.
10/31/2009 c1 10Haneru

It's similar to Grubbs's situation but the doctors were never able to fix her brain
7/28/2009 c8 tuh-leen92
please please please please PLEASE continue this story! and pairing? hm maybe aria and draco since despises harry and and everyone and i think u should add some demonata charaters in there maybe she could pair with grubbs if u dont like the draco idea...
4/2/2009 c5
wait- why are we on harry potter nao?

... *confuzzled*
3/18/2009 c8 3Reji Neguro
YOU MUST CONTINUE! PLZ! this is a demonata and HP crossover! colio!
9/27/2008 c8 1xxBabyGirlxx
omg omg, that ending was so good. this really reminds me of demonata, its like harry potter and demonata meet in a epic story about one girl. update soon!
6/29/2008 c5 ComeJoinTheCircus
Oh my gosh! That was really AWSOME! It felt like I was reading a book, I would love to see you write more, so please continue!
5/1/2008 c5 xxBabyGirlxx

lol anyway. the first like two chapters def seemed like it came it out of Demonata lol. this is definatly different, and very well written. and who was the other guy with Arthur and Remus. update!
2/4/2007 c3 5Pearl of Hope
OMG, loser, are you goning to make it like heros? like that blonde girl?


2/4/2007 c3 KRP
bit odd, taking advice from a mirror. how old is she, anyways? im kinda wondering how long it took her to go from the hospital to her house, take a shower, and all that. it must take longer to realize that one patent is missing and get to her home. how old is she, anyways? and a name would be nice.

well, thats all

see you next chapter.
12/27/2006 c2 Pearl of Hope
AAirry! Thats so good! I can't wait for the next chapter! Is there going to be romance? You know how much I love romance! I miss you! You should come over tomorrow! That would suck if you read this tomorrow and thought that I meant my birthday, cause I have crap to do then...but if not I'll see you on the 30th! I really like your story(ies) they are really good, so should update both of them...okay...I'm done now...



p.s. yes I did have sugar/coffee this morning : - ) ( ha, kinda looks like a penis)
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