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12/13/2012 c14 Viofan238
this is a really good story and i hope that are going to continue it cause id really like to know what happens next
4/13/2007 c14 5Steeple333
I like them! I need practice drawing animals, anyway... good thing I saw a real peregrin falcon the other day. =] Thanks, Zoo dude! ^-^

I remember the pink bunny. xD I laughed when I saw, but my sister couldn't believe it. Of course, a rabbit has a different meaning in Chinese and Japanese culture... I keep thinking of the moon rabbit, though. =3

I need to scan the drawings I have...
4/13/2007 c13 Steeple333
Wow! The desert description was lovely~ I liked this as always, but... I wanna hear the rest of the story. ;3 Thieves always hold a special place in my heart, as do any who are clever, particularly with their hands.

Nice tie-in with the OoT arrows and name of Haunted Wasteland. ;) Forgive me for being a Latin dork, but... "salute" makes me think of the root, (and common greeting) "salve!" It basically means "be healthy!" ^^
3/16/2007 c3 50Sunruner
Hnn, still early on in the split, so I suppose I don't have much to say. I think the boys seem a tad flat just now, but that's also probably because you also physically described them- not that that's a bad thing!- in this chapter as well. For some reason I'm kinda slow to take in to much detail, despite the amount I write with. Red Blue and Green are all firmly in place, but Purple's just sort of meshed in there somewheres at this point. Looking forward to seeing how this progresses though.

Oh, and you should have many more reviews D':
3/16/2007 c2 Sunruner
First thing: WOAH WOAH, Wait, back up, WHAT! FAIRY LINK! I am officially never allowing any of my friends to read this, for I'd never be able to mention the Legend of Zelda series around them again...

(Oh, who'm I kidding? I'll probably print that section out and FORCE THEM TO READ IT.)

Silly Link, you should always wait for the other hero to wake up before doing something really stupid, like unleashing an evil wizard. At least then they could've like... tried to double team Vaati.

Not that it'd work, but still, it's the thought that counts xD
3/16/2007 c1 Sunruner
Guess who~! I was playing Four Swords Adventure and became overly frustrated with one of the lower levels (stupid moon pearls...) but I thought I'd finally take a look at your FS story.

Very, very action packed. I'm curious to see where this'll go.
3/8/2007 c12 16ShadowShock
Heh, does Zelda really believe that trouble will not haunt Link's footsteps? And now that there are four of them... Hm, and Vaati is still at large, kinda forgotten about him. Hope they get him contained quickly though!

"Four brothers", eh? That's a good way of putting it I guess. Sounds like they have a far way to track,

Hmm... the Links have been working together real well, despite their strengthening differences. Especially when they pull out the sword, that's a cool move. Hope they know not to get seperated from each other!

Again, the length of the chapter didn't bother me. M... not sure what to say about the story summery at this moment. Certianly not a bad idea, and the one you have up is good, so keep at it. :)

Looking forward to the next piece of action! Even if it is just Red finally dunking Blue and whoever else into the river.
3/8/2007 c11 ShadowShock
You know, its a good thing none of them get a bad case of castrophobia! And hopefully Red won't get them all killed someday. :)

The chapter was not too long for me, I know you hesitate on that. It had a nice mix of sneaking in that ended in action and the calvary. Good use of the boars... too bad they couldn't ride on a couple of them. I just loved Blue's move with the grabble hook to grab the spear, so not ordinary. :) Though I think Gannon's going to figure out who shattered his TV channel. He may be evil but he's not dumb...

Okay, on to the next chapter! Thanks for writing this!
3/4/2007 c12 5Steeple333
I do read the summary. Very nice. I actually like long, juicy chapters. ^^

By the way, I noticed the quirks with the Links as well - sure, one or two of them may have a higher concentration of a trait, but that doesn't mean the others lack it. They are the same person, huh? I need to read the description again of Green, for my picture...

I like Blue's nickname. "Stretch". I like it. =) It's more original than the colors.
3/4/2007 c11 Steeple333
Awesome! I love the action scene. ^^ The mirror thing made me think of the Four Swords manga. Shadow Link was so cute in that!

That aside, I've drawn Purple, Blue, and Red. Well, actually, it's Red and Purple. My friend and I were talking about your Link(s), and I thought of something: in Faron Woods, Red would be head and shoulders above the purple mist, right? That by itself was funny, but then I combined it with my friend's image of Purple on Red's shoulders. xD Both look rather bemused. I only have Green left, but I'm dithering on what pose for him... I tried to make them all unique - even the type of collars and hairstyle they have.

Onto the next chapter!
2/20/2007 c11 Ri2
Wow, nice action! The four heroes truly are an unbeatable team!

And Ganon's finding some way back into Hyrule, naturally. That's our Ganny!
2/17/2007 c10 16ShadowShock
Hey, wow! Nice two chapters. Sorry I missed them till now, some things came up that had me busy. But I'm here, so let me give you a double review for both of them. :)

Good work on the morning scene, the banter was a nice opening to the chapter. I love how you slowly pulled out their abilities, with them testing them out and all. And how you are slowly fleshing out the different personalities instead of all at once. I'm starting to forget the "one single hero" they were before they grabbed the sword. Now they are four different colored people that happen to share the same common name. Which means your doing a good job! At least they didn't come close to tearing down the room this time. :)

I liked how you described the travel through the land of Hyrule. Even if you don't go too much into it, it helps make the story bigger without too much work. Hm, Purple's coming up with some cool moves. lets hope he's not tempted to use the fire on Green when he get's too annoying. Or anyone else except the bad guys. Talking about bad guys, what are they up to? I guess I'll have to wait for the next chapter for that, but that doesn't stop me from being curious.

I'll watch how the story plays out, but I'm still not going to let the foreign hero out of my mind till you prove in solid writing that he's no longer part of the story.

Keep up the good work, I hope to see more soon!

2/11/2007 c10 5Steeple333
I forgot to say, but you're really great at fleshing out Hyrule. I can really get a sense of the layout and economy and other boring (haha) things like that. =)

I also like how each Link has a different strength. ^^ It's so interesting! Also, Red and Purple together... I bet they look like father and child. xD Oh, I'm typing this review as I read. I love that line "I'm seeing a myth brought to life, and I'm throwing things at it." It's cool with the magic and stuff. ^^ Makes me think of Super Smash Bros. Melee, with Zelda.
2/11/2007 c9 Steeple333
Why isn't this getting more reviews? ( This story is made of awesome!

I love Blue right now. ^^ I totally know what you mean by conduit. Blue does seem like a wisecracker. ^^~ Red is cool, too. Solemn, eh? Green's abilities are pretty cool, too. ^^

Now, I must read more!
1/31/2007 c8 Steeple333
Sque! Awesome! I loved the Stone Eye and the melding thing... and how what they said is a common form for meditation. Particularly the last line. ^^

Damn, when I get better, I must draw them all! w
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