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for Mission Newsies: The Case of the Missing Newspaper

9/23/2013 c11 helliot1
Can you please make another chapter? It's really good!
9/19/2009 c11 1AdrenalineRush16

A cliffy, just what I need! ~smacks forehead~ You'd better update this Peg, cuz I've got questions that need answering!

Q1) Pie was really kicked out of the agency?

Q2) What da heck is in that suitcase?

Q3) Is Peg gonna betray the Duane Street agency?

Q4) Or will she use the memory eraser on all the girls?


Sweetly waiting,


P.S. A blackmail a day keeps the doctor away, that's what I always say! (But I stole that from a friend)
9/19/2009 c8 AdrenalineRush16
Aw, poor Pie. :( That's really sad.

...and that was a crappy review...Sorry! Kinda brain dead at the moment
9/16/2009 c6 AdrenalineRush16
“We were deciding between calling it a ‘portable computer’ or a ‘handheld console.’ But then we decided to call it a ‘laptop.’ That’s how small it’s going to be,” Dutchy added. “Small enough that you can work on it by resting it on your lap. There’s gonna be a revolution, I tell ya.”

I forgot to comment on the headphones thing two chapters ago. Both of these jokes are great. :D

And now Pulitzer's in this? Aw man you're good!
9/16/2009 c4 AdrenalineRush16
I am seriously cracking up at the "secret lair" thing. That entire chunk had me giggling. This is awesome Peg!
9/16/2009 c3 AdrenalineRush16
And the suspense begins to build...

(Short review, but hey I'm reading!)
9/16/2009 c2 AdrenalineRush16
Peg, you're so clever with this! :D Sorry for not leaving a review earlier, I didn't have time. :( Poor Mushy ~shakes head~ He didn't mean to screw it up!

You're the only person I know who uses Kloppman on a regular basis, so props to you!

Sorry for the random cut review; I'm doing this on the fly.

7/29/2009 c11 uj2133287
One of the best stories i ever read!
6/14/2009 c11 153stress
Hmm, that was a very intriguing chapter there. It was really nice to see the boys back in action - even if they're not making the best of it. But that's okay. We love them anyway :)

I still love the idea of this story. The characters are amazing, and I'm really rooting for them to win. Hopefully it'll work to their advantage eventually... but what was Weasel doing?

I can't wait to find out!
6/14/2009 c11 Dewy
Awesome chapter! It was so action packed and amazing as usual! Yes our boys, too! Aw, Mush is too cute in this one. I can't wait to see what happens to Peg though. Please update really soon! Awesome story!
6/2/2009 c10 stress

I'm so excited to see that you updated this again! This story is so clever - I love your characterizations, your plot, your dialogue... everything!

As a reader, I definitely identify with Peg. She was thrown headfirst into this strange world, and we get to see everything she does as the story progresses. It made me snicker a little how she had to add enthusiasm in order to keep her mission going ;) And then to pick up on their excitement as they're going through the headquarters. I loved it.

Keza, as a character, was awesome. Her no nonsense approach was great - and, of course, I'm quite biased about Stress ;)

And they know that Peg is with Duane Street, yet Duane Street has no clue what the Saviors are... hm... this is getting very inntriguing. I hope we see some more of it from you soon, missy!
6/1/2009 c10 Dewy
Hey, I got a shoutout! Thanks for finally updating, it was a great chapter! I'm so scared that Peg is going to choose them in the end. It may end up in a sort of spy sitch or something like that but I'm guessing she's going to betray the boys! Oh, no! ANd yes, please include the boys next chap!

thanks for the update :D

10/21/2008 c9 stress

I was so excited to see that you updated this! The idea of this is so out there, yet so clever - and you totally pull it off ;) I can't wait to see what happens next!
10/19/2008 c9 Brockie too lazy to log in

I've been completely out of the loop lately, but this might be the gentle shove I need to get back IN the loop. YAY :D

As always, the technology amuses me. I love high-tech stuff in a not-so-high-tech kind of place. I think that's called an anacronism.

Well what do you know. I actually learned something from English.

...and I was listening to the song 'I Won't Say (I'm In Love)' from Hercules, and for some reason, I kept picturing all the boys dancing around to that song. I don't know what to make of that, but it was definitely entertaining...

Update soon, plz D:

10/17/2008 c9 7DewStream
Oh my goodness, you haven't updated this story in FOREVER. I was SO excited when I saw that it had been updated! Please don't make us all wait that long for the next one! It's such a great, unpredictable plot. I love how they don't have accents except for when they're "Newsies." Haha. In quotes!

Great chapter. A lot of great stuff happened. I want some more or Peg, and Mush! It's so intense!

Woot! You updated. Thanks! I can't wait for the next one!

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