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for A Serra Christmas

3/26/2007 c2 SAM site no. 6
CHRIST! Good job on getting FE7 to the modern world, and I agree that Erk/Serra is one of the most hilarious pairings. One reason I always try to saddle him off with Priscilla is that I didn't want to torture him too much...
3/19/2007 c2 1Zetsuke
I love Erk/Serra. Or is it Serra/Erk? Serk? Whatever, anyways, try to update in less than 3 months this time :)
3/13/2007 c2 10keaira19
Ooh, finally, an update! I haven't heard from you for awhile! Anyway, cute chapter! I think I've beta-d this part...right? Or am I just psychic? :) I LUV the ending paragraph - very cute! I like the headline! And aw...Serra better not kill Matthew!

keaira19 :P
1/28/2007 c1 GyppyGirl2021

This kind of story makes me want to go WHE! Or WI as the case may be :p
1/27/2007 c1 14Lemurian-Girl
Aw, that was cute. Light hearted and funny too. A bit short but I like the style. This should turn out to be a fun fic. :)

1/11/2007 c1 61reader713
How do they know eachother?
1/8/2007 c1 10keaira19
Hullo! Wow, I needed a laugh, I'm glad you posted this! Albeit a little late for the holidays! Anyway, it's really cute and seems like a really funny fic-work on it soon, ok? We need another chapter and I can just feel how Serra is going to ruin Erk's day! Should be fun! :P

1/5/2007 c1 KK
update it was funny. Erk and Serra arre cute together
12/29/2006 c1 47The Darklight Angel
Very, VERY Serra like. Good job!

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