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for Fetish? What's A Fetish?

4/22 c2 Guest
gay story
2/20 c1 ArCenos
Äh this has had me laughing every time I read it!
2/5 c24 Sakura
I like this fic.
8/22/2020 c24 3Akash giri
please I want update
8/22/2020 c22 Akash giri
where the fuck do you think of all this crazy stuff?
I can't hold back my laugh while reading this
I think it's going to be my new favourite fanfiction
8/22/2020 c22 Akash giri
how do you even get ideas like this?
this is seriously becoming one of my favourite comedy fanfic
8/22/2020 c20 Guest
Oh man I'm sad that it's going to end now
8/22/2020 c16 Akashgiri
Man I just can't get enough of this fanfic
Naruto and sasuke are hilarious in this one
8/21/2020 c7 Akashgiri
Hilarious chapter
7/15/2020 c15 Yamajiji
Gai and Kakashi being pimps is something I never knew I needed until now. The pimp off was fuckin hilarious.
7/14/2020 c1 Yamajiji
I cracked up when I read that Guy has really good weed or really bad crack.
2/8/2020 c1 Issei Uzumaki
Oh man I wish I had found this years ago, first chapter is hilarious! I need some of Guy's weed! haha
1/19/2020 c24 GrimStormWind
I. ! I love it
10/23/2019 c2 Guest
Are there going to be lemons?
7/29/2019 c1 Mike924
kurenai definitely got some issues too work out
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