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8/28 c1 The demon sage
hidden slash, I really would appreciate more warning
8/16 c10 Blue-Happens
some of the best lotr stories on this site are pairings with legolas, but it does wear a bit on, seeing the relationship explored nigh identically between many different fics
7/15 c37 1jiromanawari
boring as fuck
4/4 c37 Lexakitty8656
Beautifully written! I loved every chapter! Thank you for taking your time to write this!
3/13 c1 Nightstalker100
Really happy you persevered and finish the story it’s quite lovely. Thank you for your hard effort. a wonderful read.
3/11 c37 8LadyGrimR
Oh my goodness where has this gem been hiding!
3/4 c37 saddlerider5lucas
2/27 c37 Hadrian Sawyer
I VERY MUCH love this fic! It was so fucking good AAAAAAAAHHHH
12/6/2022 c5 Poplar4073
I can't say I like this. Why is he old? And frankly it's just ridiculous for him to totally abandon him humanity for grief.
12/6/2022 c3 Poplar4073
This does not seem anything like Harry. Besides, abandoning his humanity just to avoid grief? What? Besides, why not just go as Lothlorien for the wand. Or really just go to any civilization. Abandoning everything and staying cooped up in forest alone just seem pretty ridiculous.
12/1/2022 c8 17nagiten
so he assumed lady galadriel is mind controlling him? like he never seen a love sick or look of longing before? he was around ginny and his other fangirls so shouldnt he know the look?
harry needs to calm down and think and allow his mind time to heal not patch work over patchwork
12/1/2022 c7 nagiten
harry knows it dangerous yet still doing it he's risking death and his brain getting fucked with for what? fear? sorrow? gulit?
12/1/2022 c6 nagiten
if harry sensed more then a dozen why is it only still the three during the battle? or was he sensing the shadows?
so he needs a burning day then he is growing old he seems to have forgotten that tidbit
12/1/2022 c5 nagiten
harry knew wizard existed in middle earth already why is he surpised when bregalad mentions gandalf? wonder why he aged?
11/27/2022 c1 Arcanine Patronus
I don't know why some idiots are bashing this for being apparently 'hidden' slash. If they look at Harry and Legolas being the MCs and the genre romance but can't put 2 and 2 together, that says more about their lack of brains than your writing or tagging.

I really enjoyed the story. There's a great balance between adventure, friendship and romance, and mystery. Even if Harry acted a bit too childlike for me, I loved him as a phoenix.
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