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for A Whole New World

5/1 c1 Ceps
Look another story where the author wishes everyone was a faggot like them
4/15 c31 Anony
This is an amazing story! The writing style brings the characters to life. The interaction of the original stories is captured yet intertwined into your ‘new’ characters. I hope real life gives you a break so you can continue. Thank you for sharing your imagination and gift for writing!
3/31 c31 1mayawene
Thank you for this story
3/21 c6 blissful721
I hope he combusts soon, how could he forget what phoenixes do?! Great writing btw.
3/15 c31 10J.F.C
Love it
3/9 c1 3Acolyte of the Blood Moon
Looks interesting. İ have to ask, is this a slash fic? İ would appreciate it if you told me.
3/6 c26 Guest
"well written but weird story. the plot drives on willfully stupid ppl and the rest is angst with gay romance"

i agree with this.
2/25 c1 Chad Putin Mckokiner
is this slash?

Please let me know, I ain't reading that.
2/23 c31 Mushishixxxholic
Love it
2/21 c29 stylo1
they didnt dare try their luck with rifling through their belongings. yes surely ppls privacy is more important then finding the horcrux
2/21 c27 stylo1
if the basilisk venom and phoenix tears could be used to become a animagus then the whole the animagus represents the inner you falls short
2/21 c26 stylo1
harry's wand, the brother wand to voldemorts leads to the one behind the evil and harry is suprised it is voldemort that is behind this? it was just about the first thought i had, though i doubted it because voldy should be death but then stranger things have happened.

as i said willfull ignorance
2/21 c19 stylo1
well written but weird story. the plot drives on willfully stupid ppl and the rest is angst with gay romance
2/21 c19 stylo1
you do know a wand can be kept on a wizard during the animagus transformation just like their clothing
2/21 c7 stylo1
he knew the dangers of burying memories... few made it out of that sane...

he would just have to try harder...

yes because staying in animal form for a prolonged period and burying memories while knowing it is not smart is surely a smart thing to do.
why do writers insist on making their MC's so damn oblivious
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