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2/4/2007 c2 3JuMiKu
*lol* Harry at first thought Legolas was a girl!

In Middle Earth only hobbits have last names. The other races therefore use their father's name to make an intorduction (like this: Gimli Son of Gloin) or they say where they are from (Legolas of Mirkwood (or rather "Eryn Lasgalen" now)).

What is "Occualmentary"? Do you mean Occlumency?
2/4/2007 c1 JuMiKu
Very nice! I really like your original approach.
2/4/2007 c2 kagedfox
combat your procrastinating nature again soon! This story is awesome. I can't wait to read more of it soon. Thanks! =^_^=
2/4/2007 c2 16crystal tears of betrayal
Hm. Like I said, it's nice that Harry has something of his parents but the locket is again a bit too convenient. Also I think this chapter could have been a bit longer if you expanded on the "several years have past" part.
2/4/2007 c1 crystal tears of betrayal
For a first story, it's pretty good.


There are a lot of stories where Harry is so powerful so suddenly with such rare magical powers...they're a bit lacking. How did he get those powers? Did he train? Did other people teach him how to use them? Just suddenly shoving him with cool, rare magic powers is too convenient. Maybe add a little history towards Harry's background in the form of flashbacks perhaps?

This story _does_ hold potential so I hope to see you writing and updating it soon.
2/4/2007 c2 19MythicRhyvon
gr8 story! i cant wait to see mroe.. update soon?
2/4/2007 c2 6MagicallyInclined
interesting that you decided to have the timeline post-ring. And if you want any info on Lord of the Rings, it's all on wikipedia (trust me, it's a godsend).
2/3/2007 c2 12tansy1354
I like what you have done so far particularly since it is more reasonable to expect that he would not be looked upon with suspicion.

Also a great idea of having be something other than human when he arrives. Although I do believe you could have played up the dwarf's reaction a bit more.

Look forward to your next chapter.
2/3/2007 c2 Wraith
Love it, keep going.
2/3/2007 c2 momocolady
I like it, bye
2/2/2007 c2 Anariel Phoenix Blade
Hi, good chapter. Please update soon. I can't wait to read more.
2/2/2007 c2 15Ebona Nite
This was certainly an interesting chapter! I didn't expect years to pass so quickly like that, how many exactly has it been? And has Harry abandonned his own world or does just not know how to get back? I hope these questions are answered in later chapters.

Please update soon!
2/2/2007 c2 Plesedeletethisaccount54
love it! harry has a crush, that is so cute. can't wait for more.
2/2/2007 c2 69Touch of the Wind
Update soon, that was awesome!
1/5/2007 c1 2coastaltigress
Hey great story so far it jumps a little fast just take it slow and easy you will probably find the movies and easier guide than the books unless u read the appendacies so u can get the background info of the hobbits and aragorn and arwens love etc.

Goodluck with the next chapter and update asap
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