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6/23/2012 c1 2Sarahkayt
Wow... That was, really random, and awesome! Please don't take it off cause I liked it!
1/19/2009 c2 Dustfinger fangirl
rofl, good job MartenKeeper! KEEP WRITING! lol that was hilarious...
1/15/2009 c1 10Zombies8Me
It's pretty good, but hard to follow
12/9/2007 c2 Jemima
Hi!I love your story!But there's one thing I don't like.It's just..i was kinda offended by the american accent thing because I am American and we dont talk like that actully.But the story is GREAT!
7/12/2007 c1 Pwahahaha
this is really random...but funny.
4/17/2007 c2 lyssakidd
ok so ya like to the person down there all frkn out bout southerners, were southerners too. real southerners have no problem admitting they have an accent so get over it!

um next...frkn kiss her a** and mine! if you dont wanna read it, then dont. dont go gettn all b*y bout it. i didnt see anything bout not postn stories for your own entertainment. i mean if all you ppl can do is go around bein jerks then maybe its time to reconsider your option of not havn a life.

o cousin you forgot "because im a pleasure to be around...despite what my parents say."

um and jus in case i forgot anyone elses b*y cmnts:

screw off. and maybe try gettn a life.

o good story btw cuz. haha later.
4/5/2007 c1 lyssakidd
hey dude! i got one of these things! haha

anyways...thats a cool stroy. not sure if im behind on sumthin but its pretty cool.

it looks to me, an no offense intended, of course, kinda like a play or watevr.

prolly jus me. jus disregard that. im talking to myself again...o i go...

haha peace cuz. =]
1/21/2007 c2 1Sidian Fire
Umm... If you are going to post for your own enjoyment can you next time post in a random not Inkheart catagory. Well it was interesting I am sorry to say I would not suggest it to others. Please understand this is not a flame, I am sure that with some practice and a real story idea you could be a wonderful writer.
1/7/2007 c2 4Dustianna
I really liked it. Tehehe, Capricorn drunk. Not necessarily something that I could see him as doing, but I loved it. Make another *starts bouncing off the walls* make another, make another!
1/7/2007 c1 Anonymous
Excuse me, but in your first chapter you had the guts to insult we Americans who happen to live down south, and if you knew what we thought about your stupid Northern accent you wouldn't be laughing. Most of us are perfectly aware that you think that we are stupid, but who goes around saying stupid stuff like, "the dag is in the yad," ?
1/4/2007 c1 Fuchsia
Uh...if it's for your own amusement, and nobody else will find it funny because nobody else gets the in-jokes - why have you posted it in a public place?

Can't you just keep it on your own PC and read it yourself?

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