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for Grand Ole Time

6/27/2020 c2 1Nathem
The potential this fic have aaaAAHHHHH
3/30/2015 c2 Guest
I loved the fact that Danny was being so confident. You should totally add more to it it's great so far :)
3/30/2015 c2 Guest
moar more moar

like really tho more XD
8/19/2013 c2 Guest
Finish it pwease **PuppyDogLook**
11/7/2012 c2 reneemon45
yay i like this story you should definetly make more
8/18/2012 c2 16Sam L. Manson
PleasepleasepleasepleasePLEA SEEEEEE continue! I love it and I luv your DP stories! Please continue
7/11/2012 c1 Mireille
Good story! Indeed.
6/25/2012 c2 dannyphantomgurl25
We'll ok now you really have to finish this it is amazing! ...
1/13/2012 c2 sam rocks
Put ch.3 all ready
9/2/2009 c2 33Phantom Misfit
PWEASE finish!
9/27/2008 c2 4k101


7/25/2008 c2 5SPNAngel16
cant wait to read the rest
6/26/2008 c2 Cameron
Lol, very good story, I don't see why you said it sucked. It ended on such a funny note, I hope you add more.
6/12/2008 c2 6jc4ever11
hi i liked it so much that i hope you do more!
6/11/2008 c2 6Fiws
Yes, very good!
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