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for There and Back Again: Nothing Just Ends on Oban

4/23/2007 c1 4Lanowen
It's really well descibed! although there are some errors here and there but the writing makes up for it! And it is rather funny too! ^-^

I just read your profile and the two stories you descibed, are you planning to post them? Cause I think you should go ahead with it and post it soon, especially the POTS one, I'm a fan of Tamora Pierce you see and your story seems very interesting. And the Harry Potter one was really funny too.
3/30/2007 c16 Spellcaster Hikaru
*sniffles happily* You noticed my absence? *glomps DaCat and SWT* You guys are great! X3 And I apologizes again for my stroke of laziness. _ *Hands over another bucket of 'Never Ending Ice-Cream* Hm, the whole 'same actions won't work twice' thing sounds like it could be big trouble though. _ I'm wondering how everything will work out with having to do it differently. Oo It's so nice to see Satis again though. X3 You gotta love him! Oh, and as congratulations for completing this fic, I bring you two a triple-layered chocolate cake and a refrigerator full of assorted meats for Shinji and Sotai since they're having to put up with so many annoying aliens. ^_^ Now I can go read your sequel! *dashes off*
3/30/2007 c15 Spellcaster Hikaru
Aww, I'm going to miss that scene where Eva escapes with her rocket seat (Hm, you guys called it a hover-bike but I've heard rocket seat before too. Any idea which it is?) but this teleporting thing certainly sounds interesting. XD It's probably got something to do with Sotai's PS. And I have to agree with SWT; Gazians certainly sound like fun to be around. ^^ Or at least the three mentioned so far do. To the next chapter!
3/30/2007 c14 Spellcaster Hikaru
*Falls out of chair laughing* My favorite quote for this chapter has got to be the "love-love evilness of Squee!" line. XD The scene where adult Sotai was talking to all those fan girls was great too. XD This was just an all around funny chapter. I'm guessing that Eva actually did get those ear-rings and tattoos that she has in the show during this little break but it makes me wonder how she got them originally. *scratches head* Getting out of the boarding school seemed like it would be kind of difficult without a rocket seat. Then again maybe she snuck out and security was simply beefed up then. *shrugs* Oh well. Onward!
3/30/2007 c13 Spellcaster Hikaru
XD Down the 'rabbit whole' and back again. Well, Sotai's back pack certainly is interesting. I wish I could get me one of those. And who knows, maybe that T-rex was just wanting to play fetch. ^^ (A referance to 'Night at the Museum,' if you two haven't seen it you should. XD It's halarious.) I loved Tsukiyomi! ^_^ Such a cute chibi dragon. Too the next chapter!
3/30/2007 c12 Spellcaster Hikaru
*does an amazing impression of Aiden* AH! I'M SO SORRY FOR NOT READING THIS IN FOREVER! *holds out a large bucket labeled "Never Ending Ice-cream! It never melts and will never run out!" as a peace offering* I set aside this chapter's update and when I set something aside it takes me forever to get around to going back to it. I automatically deleted the newer chapter updates since I hadn't read this one and I just kind of forgot about it. *gloom* I will understand if you want to sick Sotai on me. *sits in corner and sadly draws random scribbles in the dirt with finger* It was a good chapter though! Chibi Sotai was amusing and you've got to love Ned. ^^ He's probably the nicest person in that entire boarding school. The principle always scared me. *shudders* She was just so evil looking and if I was in Eva's place I'd probably be even more quite than I already am. (I usually keep to myself and am more of a watcher than participator.) Well, on to the next chapter. I must review every one to make up for skipping them for so long! *rushes off determinedly*
2/27/2007 c16 13crazyvegimab
Yuo don't know just how happy I was to see the notification for a new chapter from your story sitting in my inbox this morning. Unfortunately, I had to jump on the bus, so I didn't get to finish reading the chapter. The day has been really bad, and it makes me happy to get home and read something I really adore. It relives all my stress, kinda like a drug.

Anyways, adorin' this chapter! I loved the part where Tammy-Cah nthrew poor Eva over the wall. I loved the decription, and your sort of comentary through the chapter.

Man, how often do Aiden and Junko try to get themselves drunk? You think they'd actualy do something profitable with their time.

Do I detect a slight SotaiShinji comment? Nah, I like them better as partners.

Just an idea. I had fun imagining Shinij in all the Nourasian garb.
2/27/2007 c16 star fata
Poor Molly... Eva girl. I loved the chapter, and I send you um... Chocolate chip ice cream!

Satis is really smart. That thing about immortals and the young.
2/18/2007 c15 crazyvegimab
Yay! New chapter! It always makes my day so much happier.

I absolutely love how you made Eva able to use magic; especially how she reacts to Sotai trying to teach her! 'Twas so like our Eva.

Dog boy! *huggles him*

So Shinji is staying with the Nourasians and Sotai with the Earthers? Does that mean that Shinij will adopt the guise of a Nourasian?

Galatea! I'm really starting to get attached to these characters of yours. They're so much fun!
2/18/2007 c15 star fata
It's a genuine ice cream sundae. It's huge, and if you don't eat it very quickly you'll run out of time, and get a bowl of multi flavoured ice cream milk. If you eat it quickly, you get brain-tongue-stomach-taste buds freeze.

It's fun! Have another!

I loved the chapter, and can't wait for the next one, or for MollyEva to learn the spell! And no, I have no idea why it's a multi use spell.
2/15/2007 c14 crazyvegimab
SQUEE! The girl jumps up and down like she just downed a can of condensed hyperness in a can.

I love you rs tory! Yaay that you updated! Your updates make me happy. :)

I love dthe whoe,thing about poor Shinji being mobbed by his female co-workers. Poor Guy. I would try and dispose of them, but it's just too much fun watching him squirm! (Oh noes! I'm starting to sound like Sotai. I think she's been a bad influence on me. TT_TT)

I also loved how you worked in Eva's tattoos and piercings. 'Twas a good way to tie in a current holiday and a need for eva's character.

Keep writing! Because your story makes me go SQUEE!
2/15/2007 c14 Star Fata
I love it. It was so cool that EvaMolly came up with that plan! Have a Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday-Saturday Sundae as a reward for such a great chapter!
2/11/2007 c13 Star Fata
I loved it! Here's some strawberry ice cream. I loved the whole alice-in-wonderland deal, and I'm glad that Eva will respect Sotai's privacy from now on. Sotai is scary, but cool.

I find it funny that Eva is the only person who can get angry at Sotai and boss Shinji around. Foreshadowing maybe?
2/10/2007 c13 crazyvegimab
Such a beautiful creation indeed! I loved it!

I like Soatai. She has such depth, and such character, just like someone who's been around as long as she has. The more I learn about her, the more she exites me.

Tsu-Chan! *glmops into oblivion* It's so kawai!

I loved the refrence to Norse mythology. I love mythology, but have never had the time to read it. It's all that philosophy I read.

I really liked Sotai's black shirt. It made me laugh, especially considering how she wears in in-side-out.
2/6/2007 c12 56Star Fata
I loved it. The birthday comment was priceless. XD Here's a millies Cookies voucher. They sell ice cream too, that's where I got all the weird flavours from before.
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