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7/31/2008 c2 LM3795
I just came across this fic...great job...it's so sweet how he is slowly remembering her in his dreams...hm...Temari and Ino rivalry it seems...well as long as Ino comes out the winner...heeheehee...I hope you continue with this fic...at LEAST one more chapter...
4/21/2007 c2 30tomboy14
seiji is definately shikamaru. oh, and let me guess that there is going to be some ino versus temari for "seiji" or as i prefer to call him, "shikamaru" lol anyways, very interesting plot twist! please update sooner!
3/8/2007 c1 Sapphire Serenity
Poor Ino. I'd be pretty freaked out if a random person came and hugged me because they though I was dead. How did he die? Is he really dead? I'm guessing that's a no seeing as I don't think the fic would carry on if he was :) It's nicely started off. I really like this pairing. A few spelling/grammar mistakes but overall, nice job. Are there going to be any more pairings? Update soon ^_^
2/1/2007 c1 christine

^d ko siya nbasa! =)

^bshin k nlng nxtym...!
1/3/2007 c1 tomboy14
wow! you made that song? awesome! you should go into song writing...after you finish this fic! lol please update soon! this is an awesome fic! makes me wanna know what is going on! lol amazing!

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